Monday, October 29, 2007


Help, I want a fairy godmother to swoop down and wave her magic wand and fix our car. I confess it was my fault and I'm awash in guilty feelings. We drive a Lexus and our car is a sitting duck in parking lots where it's fun and games when it comes to whacking our vehicle. Thousands of dollars later to repair ... oh hell. This damage I did myself. I clipped the right side mirror and broke it. Repair bill - close to $1000.00. The side mirror itself is $750.00 add the labour and we're looking at ... Maybe we should trade in the Lexus for an old clunker. Forget that. I like a safe, well maintained car.
Okay enough about cars. I had to get it off my chest in order to feel more "goddesslike." Sam's Halloween blast sounds like fun. I love having the kids come knocking at our door, especially the little ones who are all agog and wide eyed while a parent hangs back to keep an eye on the proceedings. Unfortunately for us, we don't have a lot of kids in our neighbourhood. I always buy lots of good stuff (Bill and I eat the leftovers or I freeze them. Those little chocolate bars freeze beautifully). Last year I think we had 12 kids. I always enjoy the teenage girls who come last, usually in a group of four, all dressed up and giggling. I think it may be there last time out Trick and Treating. It's tough to give up Halloween and have to behave like sensible older teens.

Nothing new in my writing world. I'll put up the covers of my two books, A Very Difficult Man and Isabelle's Diary. The more I show them, the more likely someone will buy them.
On my next Goddess day I promise not to whine and whimper but even goddesses must have bad hair days when they should pull the covers over their heads and go back to sleep. Perhance to dream of a dark prince in shining armor come to the rescue or a really good hair stylist. Who would you choose?

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Anonymous said...

I would choose a Dark Prince in Shining Armor.