Friday, September 5, 2008

Swan Song

I don't know why "swan song" floated into my head during the night but it did so I thought I should follow it and see where it led. The fable has a dying swan singing just before it dies. I have to look up the fable but not right this minute. I'm not preparing to pass on or quit writing or anything drastic, I'm thinking about the dying of the year.

Yes, the autumn is the time of new beginnings for children returning to school. I remember the thrill of having brand new notebook - we called them scribblers - and my plan to keep it neat and tidy with exquisite penmanship. Ah well, that lasted a couple of weeks.

To return to the dying of the year. As I looked out over our garden the flowers are more beautiful than they have been all summer. They have had some nice rainy days to feed them and the sun not too hot to frazzle them. I think the quality of the light has something to do with how they look. The sun is slowly sliding down to the east and the slant of the light makes the flowers glow. Too soon it will be time to take them out and plant winter pansies. The swan song of our summer flowers.

And now for something completely differnent. Here's a question for my sister writers. Are you a plotter or a pantser? I tried plotting and could not do it. I fly by the seat of my pants and let inspiration be my guide. However, I am seeking inspiration by attending a series of workshops given by E.C. Sheedy on writing the romantic suspense/murder mystery novel. E.C. is not a plotter!

Our chapter is hosting a workshop on Septemeer 27 given by Gayle Wilson. The title. "Staying up all night writing the page turner." Should be lots of fun and inspire me to do great things. Stay tuned! If you live in the Seattle area or nothern Oregon, consider coming to visit Victoria and taking in Gayle's workshop.


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