Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to December

I love December because it is such a holiday month. I'm still filled with turkey and pie and bountiful blessings from Thanksgivingblessinghs that include all of the wonderful friends I've made since I took my first baby steps into Yahoo. And now Christmas approaches, and with it the exceitment we never lost from when we were kids. The Secret Santas. The wonderful Christmas music, and the carols that everyone hums, even when vacuuming the house. It's how I get through ironing in december-singing Christmas carols, because believe me, I'd rather drink hemlock than iron. I love the smell of cookies baking and food simmering. The sticky sweet taste of candy canes, folowed by multiple trips to the dentist. The gifts we give and receive, with such joy and anticipation.
But this December I want to remind you of a few other things to think about. Not such pleasant things, but things we can't avoid, nevertheless. If a church or organization near you collects food and gifts for families, be sure to find something to controbute. In these tough economic times, more families than ever will need our help. Go to the library and volunteer for reading hour. For some of these children it's their only contact with the magical world of make believe. Help an elderly neighbor who lives alone and may have thought the spirit of Christmas was dead and buried, along with his family.
And send a Christmas card to a member of the Armed Forces. You don't have to agree with war or battle or any of those things. Just rememeber that these men and women are fighting for tjhe freedoms we take so blithely for granted. Christmas for them could be in a mess hall of they're lucky. Or hunkered down in the desert. Or hiding from huerillas in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Or spending their Christmas interdicting drug runners so your children and grandchildren will have less exposure to the poison sold on the strfeets.
But whatever you do, be cheerful, be thank ful, for we are all truly blessed. In our community of writers we are so fortunate to be able to say we are published, and to appreciate all the friends we've made because of it.
I am truly thankful for each and every one of youi so here's a big Christmas hug and huge wishes that for a wonderful holiday season.
Stop by and tell me what the holdays mean to you. I have a little Christmas story that my other alter ego, Emily Brevard, wrote, and I'll pick a name from the comments to send a free download.


Betty Ann Harris said...

I am thankful too, for friends like you, Judith. I agree with what you said about taking the time to give to others in need, even if it's only the gift of some time visiting with them.Wishing you a beautiful holiday season filled with love and joy.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

If every single one of us did just one thing to help others this holiday season, what a beautiful season it would turn out to be.

Thanks for posting this.


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

I love the holidays too. and one of the friends I'm most thankful for is you.

Have a wonderful December!

Judy said...

Excellent suggestions, Judith! I'm grateful to be spending my first Christmas as a "rose in the garden" and looking forward to connecting with many new writing friends.

Crissy said...

Very Well said! I love December too!!! Christmas, my anniversary, my hubby's birthday, we get it all done in one month!

Just a note to everyone *As was suggested please do send a card to someone in the service, support them no matter what, some of us still have husbands and family members gone. You would be so surprised by what a little card could do!*

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Crissy Smith

letting the WILD out...

Dianna F said...

I love the holiday season, spending time with family and friends.
My brother-in-law is going into the service and both my father and grandfather were servicemen. It does mean so much to our men and women overseas to hear from us. Or if you want to do more there is a website where you can adopt a soldier.
they are doing so much for us, it does not hurt to give something back to them.

Dianna F

Mary Ricksen said...

I am thankful just to be alive! To be able to get up in the morning and feel safe.
When I see the world through the TV news it's so hard to imagine people suffering and the pain and cruelty there is out there. It sends a pain right to my heart.
If only I could change things. If only I could make a difference in the bigger picture.
I always wanted to join the Peace Corps, but my parents wouldn't let me and now I am too old.
When I try to help I wonder if the little ripple ever reaches the other shore. And I wonder if my being here has made a difference. I sure hope so.
Because all one can do is try.

lastnerve said...

December is my favorite time of the year. I am so greatful to have my family and our health. I am wishing you the very merriest of holidays!

Lee Anne said...

I love the holidays. I am thinkful for my friends and family and the time we spend together. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Molly Stark said...

The December holidays are about promise and hope: a new year, a clean slate, a savior, a light in the darkness.

But it's also a time of unreasonable expectations and the stress of not meeting them. So be sure to be kind to yourself and others. It's o.k. if the pie is burned or the tree is wonky, and it doesn't matter how many presents you give or what they're worth. Definitely help those in need ... and that includes smiling to the people you meet on the street and letting someone else take the last carton of eggnog. :)

Ashley Ladd said...

Yes, it's a wonderful season and we should remember those who are less fortunate. I work for a charity so that's on my mind every day of the year.

Ashlyn Chase said...

I'm glad I read this, Judith...

I tend to get down during the holidays. Reading your piece cheered me up already.