Monday, February 16, 2009

Check out the free read!

Today's the day! And noon today's the time!
Hot Moon Rising, the sequel to my shapeshifter erotic romance, Line of Sight makes its debut. And it's free, free, free. That's right. Today's the day you can find the first batch of Free Reads on the Ellora's Cave web site.
Just go to and there it is.
Why a shapeshifter for me? because I have a new love affair with the wolf. It is a strong, heroic animal whose natural instinct is to protect its mate andd its pack. If you;re going to Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, look out for my wolf earrings!!!
And here's a taste of Hot Moon rising for you.
In Line of Sight, Charlie Aquino had trouble believing his partner, Jesse Farrell, fell in love with a shapeshifter. Now he’s drawn to one himself, Liane Cosa, a woman who makes his blood boil, his body hard, and erotic images scream in his brain. One hot night, beneath a full moon, they finally come together, indulging themselves in an orgy of unbridled lust where anything goes. But what will happen when the moon finally sets and daylight creeps up on them?
Charlie Aquino glided his car slowly to the curb, cut the engine and headlights, and rolled down his window. It was quiet in this little cul de sac where Derek and the rest of his group—er, pack—lived. He scanned the house that he drove by every night on his way home, after a long shift for the sheriff’s department. Just looking at the house, hoping for a glimpse of her, calmed him. Soothed all those frayed and jangled nerves.
Sometimes a light would be on. Other times, like now, the little house would be completely dark.
Was she outside, running? Alone or with her “friends”? He closed his eyes and Liane Cosa’s face swam before his eyes. High cheekbones, amber eyes and a silken waterfall of ash blonde hair. When she smiled at him, the bottom fell out of his heart.
Jesus, Aquino. You’ve really lost your mind.
But a year had made a lot of difference in his life. Twelve months ago he and Jesse Farrell had been working the gang task force for the sheriff. The most exotic things in their lives were the devious gang leaders who always lay in wait. And he’d never heard of a shapeshifter. Now his partner was married to one and he, for his sins, was falling helplessly in love with another one.
While you're at the Jasmine Jade website, if you haven't read Line of Sight, be sure to pick up a copy.
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