Thursday, March 26, 2009

So happy I remembered it's the 26th...

Getting old is the pits. Normally I feel lucky to remember my own name. If it weren't for the sticky note I have on my computer screen, I wouldn't be able to log in. I have two dozen sticky notes all over the house reminding me that today was Afton's chat on LRC, and my turn at bat for the Goddesses blog. I stared right at all of them and forgot is the 26th!

Here I sit, with two contracted novels waiting for me to get the proper software installed so I can figure out what my poor editors want me to do (I am using a wild card word program that doesn't recognize the editing instructions in the margins) and three WIP's needing minor editing and formating revision before my publishers will accept them, and a column that has to be written every day. Oh, WOW. I remember now. My name is Fran Lee!

Romance is an amazing reaches beyond the economy, beyond language barriers, even beyond the rainbow (all the way out there in Kansas). I found out some time back that the average Romance addict buys an average of 100 Romance books in a year. That's just two books a week. Romance novels and novellas comprise 25% of all the book sales in the USA, even in this terrible economy. People adore Romance. They need Romance. They eat, sleep, and breathe Romance.

Sort of makes you feel good to know you're contributing so much to the world by being a Romance author, eh? So, kudos to all of my wonderful new friends who spend their days, nights, weekends, (and odd times of the wee hours when they wake up with a story in their heads and can't go back to sleep) writing wonderful, delicious, hot, sensuous, sweet, delightful, (and all those other adjectives) Romances!

I believe in Romance. I know that, without Romance, this world would be a sad, unhappy place to live. I read at least five Romance's a week (in between writing, editing, composing, and forgetting my own name) and I love every single one of the marvelous books I buy. Don't be shocked, but I have books written by each and every one of you! I am working my way through them day by day. It gives me a great deal of respect for the work you all do.

So, by the time my next turn at bat comes up in April, I will have read about 20 more books (if not more!) and I promise that I will be reviewing loads of them on my book review blog and my column. Drop by my Romance blog, as well! I'll be looking for you.

By the way... I'll have an excerpt for you next time around. :)


Julia Barrett said...

Hey Fran, how you doing? Nice blog. I love your interviews! Keep up the good work introducing romance to your readers!

Mona Risk said...

Hi Fran, your interviews are great. I have to work on mine and answer your question. Relax, you sure remember a lot more than I do at the moment. I have all my loops and websites confused. Well I have a good reason. My Mom has stopped eating and I am slowly losing my mind. It's my first stop at the Goddess. I bookmarked it as a favorite.

Fran Lee's Romance Blog said...

Thanks so much! Appreciate you reading my post, as well as my column.