Monday, July 19, 2010

Celebration Time!

This month I have two wonderful reasons to celebrate! First, Kerrie's Quest for Passion--a medieval fantasy--is available in print. And Courting Kel--a futuristic fantasy releases July 28, 2010 in e-book. Both are available from Ellora's Cave.

Blurb: Kerrie's Quest for Passion

In Marchon’s stables the grooms claim Kerrie rode all her lovers to their early deaths. In the guardroom the knights avow she required her lovers to spear her so often their seed spilled like blood. And in the kitchens the cooks gossip Kerrie kept her lovers on the boil so long they expired from the heat.

You may have met her daughters in Passion’s Four Towers. Now meet the notorious queen herself in Kerrie’s Quest for Passion.

Blurb: Courting Kel

Abducted from her home world, Amazonian warrior Kel finds herself imprisoned on Ondrican, a sexual slave to its heir, Prince Aren. Being older than most Amazonians are when they take their first lovers, Kel is more than willing to discover pleasure in Aren’s embrace. But when he announces his taking her virginity has made them husband and wife, Kel vows to escape him and return home.

Aren has known for years that he must marry and produce a legitimate heir. He finds Kel’s untutored lovemaking a sensual delight, but her refusal to acknowledge their marriage stuns him and hurts his pride. Determined to win her warrior heart, he takes his reluctant bride to the country and weaves a spell of sensual pleasure around them both.


DeAnna Cameron said...

Wow, Dee -- these look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, DeAnna! I love 'em.