Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Had a fabulous time!

Me and C J Hollenbach
Romanticon was a total blast!

Meeting so many of my online pals face-to-face was wonderful, and meeting a large number of the people I did interviews with on My Examiner.com column last year was loads of fun!  Of course, I could have done without the nasty cold I came home with!  Thank heavens it waited until I was on the way home.

Next year I will remember to take my trusty Airborne with me.  I left it sitting on the cabinet when I packed up my herbals.  Never again will I leave home without it!

I don't think I have ever stayed in a multi-level hotel/motel where they didn't have an elevator.  I got more exercise climbing stairs ten times a day that I have gotten in the past two years since I retired and became a computer-potato.  And the Cavemen were SO nice to me...offering to help me get up to my room when I was about to collapse.  Such sweet boys!  I wish I could have taken them home on the plane, but there is some silly law against kidnapping.  Such a waste!  Sigh.
It was wonderful fun signing print books at the Sunday book signing.  But carrying home all the books I bought was the pits.  They were about thirty pounds of heavy, heavy books!  Ah, well...they were worth the trouble.

For those who were there with me, I want to tell you how great it was to meet and talk with you.  For those who couldn't make it after trying so hard to get there, I wish you all the good luck in the world to make it there next year.  You were sorely missed!
Fran Lee

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