Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now in PRINT!

Resplendence Publishing

Ellora's Cave Publishing

Coming Soon from Ellora's Cave Publishing

Seven great authors-seven great novellas
from Resplendence Publishing

I am primarily an e-book author, and it is great. But once in a while it is also great to see your pristine, glowing, beautiful book that you can hold in your hands and read without sitting at your computer. Yep, you guessed...I do not own an e-reader, and I probably won't until the prices drop a bit more. After all, the Kindle dropped from $400+ to under $200 in two years.

E-publishers use "print-to-order" publishers, so the price per book is about 50% higher than a regular mass produced paperback, but the books are gorgeous! They are larger, with excellent covers and fabulous quality. These (as most authors know) are called "trade paperbacks".
About the only thing that will convince a reader to purchase a larger, more expensive paperback book is if the author sits there and talks to them and autographs that beautiful book. It then becomes a collector's book, and gets put on the show-shelf. Then the reader reads the e-book so that her pristine, lovely book will not be damaged and dog-eared. :P

Trade paperbacks and print-to-order books are better for the environment than mass-produced print books because there are WAY fewer returns, and way fewer thrown out. Because the future of publishing lies in the electronic age, old fashioned hard back books will cost the earth, and be for collectors only in another ten years.
I love my collection of vintage hard back books from the 30's, 40's and 50's, plus my vintage romance paperbacks from the 60's through the 90's. But I can store all my e-books on one 4 gigabyte flash drive with a backup file on my computer...and my thousands of paper and ink books are all packed away in water-proof containers. I'm sure my kids will have a yard sale when I am gone, so drop on over to get some great collector books for under a buck!

I am giving away a print copy of Dictated by Fate tonight at my January chat over at LoveRomancesCafe at 8:00 pm Eastern. So drop on in.

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