Friday, January 20, 2012

Blatant Promotion

My latest in the Virtual Seduction series releases on Valentine's Day. Hope this blurb will whet your appetite and you'll join Jynx and Kemen as they try to save three galaxies and fall in love.

February 14, 3000: The destruction of the universe is at hand, unless their burning passion can grow into trust... and love.

Traveling through space to a secret rendezvous point, Venusian Princess Jynx can't help but dream of the sexy prince she has been ordered to negotiate a treaty with and to marry. The Triangulum Prince Kemen is fascinated by the beautiful princess, but he is keeping a secret that threatens their galaxies' existence.

Their negotiations with each other and with the third galaxy believed to be a threat don't seem to be going anywhere, but Jynx and Kemen's passion builds to peaks of ecstasy in dreams and in person. But their shared nightmares portend complete annihilation.

Even with destruction looming, on the most romantic day in the universe, what can a man give a woman who has everything?


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