Friday, November 14, 2008

Historical research

It's Friday again! 4:10 pm. Where did the week go?

Searching for historical information is like diving into a great pool of fascinating facts where drowning in words is possible. In my book, A Very Difficult Man, I had to research several areas. Specifically the Crimean War. The cholera outbreak in London, England, 1854/55. The bride ships that brought young women from England to Victoria where men eagerly awaited to marry them. The powers-that-be wanted the women to civilize the men.

I wrote about Dr. John Snow in my personal blog, He insisted that cholera was spread through contaminated water. His is a fascinating story. I haven't written about the bride ships yet. That's for another time.

Another of my historical romances, Isabelle's Story, A Cerridwen Press publication is set in the late nineteenth century. Because it takes place in an around Llandrindod Wells, it was easy to find the information I required. My husband and I visited that lovely old spa town several years ago and that's where I had the "ah ha" moment that started the story winding its way into my heart and eventually into a published story.

I have to run along. See you next time.


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