Friday, November 7, 2008

Writing a love story

It's Friday again and I almost forgot to write a piece for the Goddesses. Well, here I am bowed but not broken. WRITING A LOVE STORY. Or a play. Or an opera. We have a man and a woman who meet for the first time. What happens next is the key to the story. In very short terms, the essence is, "He wants." "She wants." And never the twain shall meet until the end of the book. Their wants conflict.

This bit of wisdom which you all know was plain to see in the opera I attended recently Thaiis. The monk (protagonist) visited an old friend in Alexandria and was horrified at the sinful behaviour of some of the inhabitants, especially a courtesan, Thaiis. He returns to his monastery and is given leave to return to the sinful city and persuade Thaiis to give up your way of life to live a Godly existence, preferably in a small cell in a convent. He eventually persuaded her to see the wickedness of her ways and escorted her to a convent. Their conflict energized the opera. The music was wonderful, especially The Meditation, played by a solo violinist and harpist.

However!!! When he got what he wanted, saved Thaiis, he realized he loved her and journeyed to the convent to rescue her. It was too late. She had found God and died. He was broken hearted and began to question his faith. He wants. She wants. Our books never ended tragically.

And so to my work in progress. "Marrying The Boss. He has to marry before his very ill father dies in order to save the family business from falling into the hands of his gambling addicted uncle. He wants a temporary wife But the woman he picks doesn't want to marry him, short or long term. She wants to stay single.

He wants. She wants. It plays over and over in fiction. And to end this little effort I am posting the covers of all five of my books. I like to see them all in one place now and again.

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