Thursday, January 8, 2009

Naughty Nooners for a New Year

Starting around February this year Ellora's Cave will be offering free reads, Naughty Nooners. These shorts will be a great way to try out new authors and genres.

Show and Tell, my Naughty Nooner is a stand stand alone story, set in Washingon DC. I started this story in the car while we were sitting in a giant 4th of July traffic jam, waiting to pay the toll. We sat in that line for hours. Thankfully I had my imagination to keep me company.

Here's an excerpt of Show and Tell, release date TBA.

SHOW AND TELL by Isabelle Drake

A Naughty Nooner, coming soon from Ellora’s Cave

“Invitation, please.”

Emily handed over the elaborate card Jenn had received in the mail and waited while the bare-chested muscleman checked her friend’s name off the list on his clipboard. Sure, she could’ve used the card Gino had sent her but she didn’t want to leave a trail. “Thank you, Miss McNeil.”

Two steps later she was inside Gino’s large and lavish apartment, instantly becoming one of the mass. Although almost everyone there probably worked for the Smithsonian, Emily didn’t even try to guess who was behind which mask. There would be time later to catch up with old friends.

That particular night she had only one item on her to-do list. Seduce then reject the infamous Randall Kentworth. If she did a thorough enough job, she’d leave him panting, wondering pointlessly who the hot woman in the gold brocade jacket was.

As she slid through the mob, scanning for her prey, something rubbery caressed her waist. She twisted to find a huge cactus staring at her.

“Can I get you a beer?” it shouted, holding up a half full plastic cup.

Emily pulled the plant’s other hand off her waist, still gawking at the insanely large Saguaro cactus, complete with a cluster of yellow flowers and bird’s nest. “A cactus?”

The blue eyes hiding inside the plant blinked and the muffled voice shouted in defense, “Hey, there’s cactuses in the desert.”

Emily grinned. Museum people. Always looking for ways to prove how clever they are. “I’m meeting someone,” she said but then to let him know she appreciated the offer, she patted the tiny wren sitting in the nest.

As the giant plastic cactus melted into the crowd, Emily made her way toward the backyard where Gino always put the keg. Randall would be there, surrounded by an adoring mob. Unbuttoning her jacket as she went, she mused, all I have to do is wait until he’s alone.

Once she was done with him he’d know what it was like to want someone you couldn’t have. Her own hopeless wanting was undoubtedly worse than anything he’d end up with, because she’d watched the object of her desire flirt with every female in his path—with the exception of her. He hadn’t even known she’d existed.

That had mostly been her own fault. She’d been too shy even to be considered coy. She’d been damn invisible.

But that was then.

One thing her term in the Peace Corps had done for her was take away that life-ruining shyness. Who has time for hesitation when trying to find lost medical supplies through an interpreter?

Twelve months might only be a year but because of her time away Emily’s life was spilt into before—when she had been quiet and unassuming—and now, when she was demanding and pushy enough to make up for the time she’d wasted waiting for what she wanted to come and find her.

That was why she was there.

To make up for a mistake of her past.

But was it that she wanted to leave him with a sense of longing or was it that she finally wanted to get a piece of that yummy body?

Either way, she had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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