Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Every Review is a Good Review

I’d like to share a couple of good reviews Candelabra, my paranormal quickie featuring a fire elemental fairy and hot wax, received:

Night Owl Romance - 4.25 stars

Candelabra lives up to its name incredibly well, it is scalding hot. Afton Locke writes with ease and knowledge of experience, or really great research. BDSM is a world that few can handle well, and Ms. Locke shows a different side of BDSM in her novelette. Ms. Locke demonstrates to her readers basically that everyone has to start somewhere, either with an incredibly erotic Fire Elemental or your own lover, its very normal and very possible.

Candelabra is a quick read, magical and intense as well….This novelette is short, deliciously erotic, and sure to leave you with a desire to explore you own wild side. I will definitely be looking out for more from this author as you should be too.

The Raving Readers - 4 stars

Ingenious and delicious hot, short read. Afton Locke pens a unique and delicious way to deal with control issues interspersed with magic and fantasy…the scenes described here are hot with sizzling passion between the characters and an ingenious use of candle wax.

Good reviews make us feel…well…good. 5-star ones make us feel beyond good. We write the book and send it into the world with our fingers crossed. Reading a book is very subjective, so you never know what reaction you’re going to get. One person may love it and another may hate it. I’ve gotten the whole gamut. The bad ones are hard.

Reviews and opinions are essential because we write in order to be read. The bigger the audience the better. We write with the reader in mind, wondering if she’ll like this or that, reach for a tissue during the sad scenes, squirm in her seat at the hot scenes, etc. When I get my sales figures every month, I look at the quantity and am thankful for each and every person who bought and read my book.

I did receive a review for Candelabra that was mixed. At first, I didn’t feel great because I didn’t supply something this reader wanted. After taking a step back, though, I realized I’d gotten valuable feedback I could use to make my books even better. In fact, it inspired me to get started on a sequel and how to approach it.

So every review is a good review, no matter what.

Candelabra - available at Ellora’s Cave:
Buy Link: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-8038-candelabra.aspx?skinid=11

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