Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jenny is coming

Jennivere's Journey comes out the ninth... Almost there. Jennivere is a mage, and Zach is a professor bent on exposing her as a charlatan. Getting these two together we quite a job. So many things got in the way. I think you'll like Jenny, and I hope you'll take a minute to watch the trailer.

Think I've got it uloaded but the link is doing strange things. If the upload doesn't work please got to www.tiny Sheesh, this computer is acting crazy tonight. I love Jenny, don't know why she'd giving me this much trouble. I think I'd better include an excerpt since I don't think the video is cooperating. All my trailers are, thought.

Here's an excerpt:

They walked for about ten minutes and then she stopped and turned to him.
Putting her hands on his shoulders she raised her face, lovelier than ever in the moonlight and said simply.
“Kiss me, Zach.”
He didn’t waste a second. His lips swooped down on hers. He tried to hold himself in check but these last few days of agonizing proximity had stretched his control to near breaking. He managed to soften his first blazing kiss but not before she’d gasped and tried to withdraw a little. Feeling her shock helped him gentle his lips and loosen his tightened hold. He stood rocking her in his arms and only when she relaxed did he let his kiss deepen and then gradually.
This time she drew closer, responding with an ardor whose innocence shook him. She’d been married, for god’s sake, even if only for two weeks. The more clues he had to her marriage the more suspicions it raised. He’d not ask her a single question. For one thing it was none of his business and for another he badly wanted her to confide in him because she trusted him.
Jenny wondered if the heat emanating from the man holding her so sweetly would set her dress on fire. She felt her body blazing from the ground to the topmost hair on her head. Probably this was what made her pant a little. She felt as if she could hardly get her breath.
Lifting her eyes she met gray ones blazing down at her, little sparks at the back of each dark iris and a look of such desire on his face she couldn’t mistake it. She’d seen that look on Mason. But with Zach, his hot gaze both lured and frightened her. She started to draw away again but found she couldn’t. This beautiful man fascinated her beyond her ability to describe. He was an exceptional man and that was enough for now. In fact it seemed to be enough to set her skin so on fire she wondered why there was no smoke.
She clung to him. Suddenly her knees seemed to stop working altogether, the traitors. As she clutched him to her he lowered his lips again and began gently nipping all over her face, only smiling at her when she tried to twist so her lips met his.
Then at last he kissed her again, really kissed her, his lips strong and potent on hers. He wrapped her in powerful arms and gave her the deep kiss of a passionate man. A passionate man who wanted her body. She’d been married long enough to know this much and it frightened her almost out of what was left of her mind. He held her tightly and she couldn’t mistake the feel of his thick erection pressing against her legs. Oh he wanted her all right.


Amber Skyze said...

Best wishes with your new release, Jean! Sounds great.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Amber. Glad you like the excerpt and how nice of you to say so. Jean