Friday, March 26, 2010

It's been a long and wonderful year...

It's been totally amazing!
I can't begin to tell you how I feel about my experiences over the past twelve months since my first book was contracted. It's almost surreal. Having retired from my career job, ready to face a future of kicking back and doing nothing, I find myself now fully immersed in a brand new career...and loving every minute!

Meeting so many wonderful new friends, and doing something I only dreamed of's completely mind-blowing. This week I held my very first print book in my hands, signed some for fans, and couldn't keep a huge grin off my face. It felt kewl!

So I am wishing myself a happy anniversary, and starting another book.


Laurann said...


I'm so darn happy for you and I'm happy for myself as well because I've enjoyed so many of the stories you've put out over the past year. LOL. I'm so glad that you took the chance and submitted your first book. LOL. I can't wait to write a comment NEXT year to say CONGRATS then too and read all the terrific books you put out this year!!! Very cool about holding your first print book! That must feel terrific!

Virginia C said...

Congratulations, Fran! I am so happy for you, and proud of you for following your dream! Even though you don't hear from me that often, I am still rooting for you! I often mention you and your books on blog posts and other sites. I am looking forward to collecting your books in print as soon as they are available. Take care!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Amber Skyze said...

Happy Anniversary, Fran! I'm so happy for you. Looking forward to the new books. :)

Mia Watts said...

I think the Halley's Cats cover is my favorite. Well done, you, and Happy Anniversary.