Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back List Books...

Back List Books...

When we write e-books, our books normally only get the spotlight for about 45 days...while they are on the "new releases" pages of our publisher's website. After that, they are relegated to what we fondly refer to as our "back list"...that dark and creepy place where they languish, unheeded, until some hardy soul goes spelunking into the publisher's website with perhaps an "author search", or decides to click on one of our back list books while buying our newest release.

Unlike paper and ink books, that can sit enticingly on a bookstore shelf with covers agleam and waiting for some reader to pick them up and take them to the checkout, e-books don't get placed on a store's book shelf where folks can browse and read the back cover. So it is entirely up to the author to make sure back list books are still visible and available after the polish wears of the new release page.

Take my first book from Resplendence Publishing, Dictated by Fate. Dictated is a full length novel (230 pages), and it has had several five-star/hearts reviews. You can find all the reviews on my website by going to the links below the main image and clicking on the name of the book, then clicking on the "reviews" link on that page.

I am thinking that readers don't like paying for full length novels, even though they complain that other books are "painfully short...I wanted MORE!" LOL! Can't seem to please everyone. Longer e-books cost more. You can usually tell how long the novel is by glancing at the price. At Resplendence, short books cost between $3.00 and $4.50. Longer Books start at $5.00 and go to $7.50. Dictated is priced at $7.50. Those who have read it didn't mind the price at all. But price often deters fans who want a great read for a low price. Too bad they complain about how short the books are when they get one for the lower price. :)

So I am now promoting my back list books. I believe they deserve another round of limelight.

You can find my back lists at these URLs:

I would love to introduce you to my back lists...before my next new release hits! :)

Fran Lee


Lee Blackhorse said...

Went and looked, but I already own all your books, honey! LOL! But I did find a couple of books on other author's back lists, so thanks!

Amber Skyze said...

Great idea Fran...I've been doing the same. I've noticed some hits on Kindle lately so that's cool.

Anny Cook said...

I regularly promo my backlist. And I can always tell on the royalties which ones were promoted!

Fran Lee said... appears my back list royalties go up when I have a new release out. People check out your back list.