Thursday, June 17, 2010

Escape with Cerise DeLand!

Need a vacation this summer? Escape with me to exotic, erotic destinations.
Like Venice, Paris, Jerusalem and Naples in CARRIED AWAY over at EC now! (
Or Mexico? Try LAID BARE. (Also EC.)
Tuscany float your boat? MIA DOLCE, from EC, too.
Paris, again? PARIS EXPOSE from Scarlet Rose, at
Like the Mile High Club? Try POWER POSITION over at Scarlet Rose. Here you fly to Dubai with a man you won't forget.
Next up? From me and EC?
Provence. Eze. Paris. Totally French. Totally luscious. SWEPT AWAY. soon, ma cherie.
But June 29, the beginning of my Regency series at Resplendence, starting with Lord Stanhope's Improper Proposal.
See you soon. In many places....
Ciao, bella!

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