Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flash Fiction? Really?

FF--really short shorts--seems to be the new IN type of read.
Intriguing concept, I thought when I first read about them, but then, I ask myself what is the difference between this and...say, a cover blurb? Or a well-written synopsis. (snorting here.)
I have to try one just to teach myself that it is possible and...drum roll, entertaining!
Having taught myself by Doing for decades in this biz, I imagine learning to write FF will be no different. But then, how to market these gems?
Write a bunch of them and turn them into a longer work to sell as an antho?
Use them as teasers to bring people in to your novellas and actually pay you for your golden words?
That concept, I like, except for one tiny (read, HUGE) problem. PIRATES.
Grinding teeth.
These criminals abound. I alternate between crash search and seize--and loading my Sig Sauer, running around the house yelling "Give me a pirate, matey!"
What's in your computer? Any FF? And what do you do with those stories that might gratify you and your bank account?

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Fran Lee said...

Rats! I get sooo sick and tired of these creeps who jump in and leave advertisements for their products on our comments pages! Sorry Cerise...I just deleted the long and boring ad that a guy left on several of these posts.

I agree that short short shorts can intrigue readers and draw them in, and i would love to combine several of our really short stories into one anthology! Might be fun.