Saturday, November 26, 2011


Please note...

This blog site is for the Goddesses of Storytelling, and it is mainly here to allow a group of authors to drop in a note about their latest book, book signings, or what-have-you.

I don't come over here as often as I should, but yesterday when I visited, I read the comments as I always do...and I was amazed at how many people "drop by" this blog to put advertisements for their own sites or products instead of "comments" about the author's post.
So, to those of you who have blatantly abused this blog by sticking advertisements for products, other websites, or what-have-you in the comments, you have been reported to Google for spamming.
I wonder how you would react if someone came over to your website and spammed your readers with ads and other garbage?

Please do not be that rude or inconsiderate in the future.
Your actions will be reported as spam.

Oh...and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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