Friday, November 16, 2007

Love Machine

There they are, the covers for my two books from Cerridewen Press. Okay, that's all for them during this blog. I want to pass along disturbing news to all romance authors. Attractive women and handsome men will soon be things of the past. Instead we'll have to deal with Robots. So writes David Levy, author of Love+Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships.
A full page article in The Globe and Mail (one of Canada's two major newspapers) deals with the subject. Since vibrators for women and sex dolls for men sell well, is the next step down this slippery slope, animated robots with whom to share one's sex life? So many questions are posed to the author in the article, I will pick one or two to illustrate his point. R2-D2 as stud muffin! "Does the issue of consent come into it at all? Are sex robots anything more than just possessions?" Here's Mr. Levy's answer. "Consent hasn't really come into it. Would it be rape if your robot said no? If a robot has consciousness, then I believe that how we treat it is important ..." Sorry, goddesses, I can't go on. Mr. Levy thinks that by 2050 we'll be having sex with Robots instead of humans.
Thank goodness I'll be long gone by then and can continue writing about interesting men and women until my toes turn up, my computer is junked and I bid this world good-bye. My instinct about this whole robot thing is a way for the author to make lots of money selling his book. And good for him, say. The kind of publicity he netted in one Canadian newspaper is worth its weight in sales.
There's a follow-up letter in the paper this morning. I quote: "Artificial intelligence expert David Levy predicts that by 2050, we'll be enjoying intimate relations with lifelike robots. By 2050, I'm afraid the best I will be able to do is bring an oil can. The robot will have to do the rest." Signed Lubomyr Luciuk, Kingston, Ontario.
This blog is wierd because I couldn't resist the topic of having sex with robots. Romance novels will disappear if Levy's predicition comes true. Say it isn't so. Romance makes us human. How can ... No. I've said quite enough.

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