Friday, November 2, 2007

Two great reviews came in this week that I want to share. The first is the Romantic Times Magazine Four Star review Curses, which has me jumping up and down with excitement.

"The familiar plot of a lone wolf who finds his mate gets a fresh spin in this deeply emotional story. This time the mate is a witch with her own unhappy past. The characters are appealing, and passionate sex leads to a satisfying romance. Well-developed histories make the couple real and one readers ill care about."

You can get your copy today at:


The second is a review for Between a Rock and a Hard-On from Romance Reviews Today Erotica. They gave it their highest rating, La Petite Mort and said, “This delicious little gem more than earns RRTE’s rating of La Petite Mort. If your temperature doesn’t rise as you read this scorcher, you might want to head to an emergency room, ‘cause honey, something is wrong with you.”


Now here's something for you to think about. We writers tend to be an insecure bunch, so it's always nice to hear that someone enjoyed our books. Keeping that in mind, if you read a book and enjoy it, don't forget to drop the author a quick email and let her/him know. It really does make out day!

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