Friday, November 2, 2007

A Time for reflection

This isn't my blogging day but one of the goddesses was having trouble accessing the blog. I blogged on as you can see. Time out for a little reflecting on what I'm doing as a writer, what I hope to achieve and what will I do if I quit writing. We'll take one step at a time. What am I doing as a writer can be translated into, "why am I here in this place at this time, writing?
Q. Have you something important to say to the world?
A. Not a lot.
Q. I notice you are smiling. What's so funny?
A. Me, trying to make a tiny footprint in the writing world with so many giants out there.
Q. So giants scare you?
A. No, and I'm sick of answering dumb questions. Go away.

What the hell, goddesses, if I start delving into my psyche about this and that, God only knows what I'll discover lurking under the rocks. Best to go on about my business of writing. So I'm not going to be the second coming of Nora Roberts, or Jo Beverley, or Jane Austen. It's just me writing stories I hope someone will enjoy reading.

I have friends on Facebook! I found one after we met over dragon fruit. Enough said about that. On my personal blog tomorrow I'll write about cooking - sort of. Drop by if you have time. If not, think about zucchini and egg plant.


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