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Desiree Holt, Author of Where Danger Hides

Desiree Holt, a member of the Goddesses of Storytelling blog, is taking December off for some much needed R&R. She has agreed to let me post excerpts and reviews of her novel Where Danger Hides available at

Ellora's Cave.

Where Danger Hides

It’s been a bad week for Taylor Scott. First her grandmother dies, then she discovers her father is alive, not dead, and when she tries to see him he has her thrown out of his office. Angry and disillusioned, she drowns her sorrows with a gorgeous stranger in the hotel bar, and indulges in the wildest night of erotic sex she’s ever experienced. Back in Florida she’s wrapping up her grandparents’ estate and looking to make some changes in her life when she learns her father, a Texas billionaire, has been murdered. And who shows up in her office to drag her back to Texas but the stranger from the hotel – Noah Cantrell, her father’s vice president and closest confidante. With his empire unexpectedly in her hands, she’s thrust into a world of international intrigue where the person next to her could be the murderer. Things are complicated by the high voltage passion that explodes between her and Noah, a passion that no matter how they seem to fight it, sweeps them along on a treacherous current. Is Noah friend or foe? And what will happen when the truth finally comes out?



RT Rating: 4 Stars

Category: EROTICA

Publisher: EllorasCave.com

Published: January 2008

Type: Erotic Romance (E-book)

Holt pens an exciting, rapid-paced tale that's sure to keep the pages flying. A sexy alpha male and a fiery heroine create a dynamic couple readers can stand behind. The love scenes scorch the pages, and overall, this is a compelling, satisfying novel with emotionally driven characters.

Summary: Discovering that her life has been a well-structured lie, Taylor Scott is in the mood for a little rebellion. She begins with a night of uninhibited sex with the dangerous-looking stranger sitting next to her. She never intends to see him again, but he has other plans.Noah Cantrell has come to fetch Taylor to San Antonio to persuade her to take over a corporation from a man she has never met -- her father. As the passion rises between them, they must hunt down a vicious killer bent on keeping secrets buried. (EllorasCave.com, dl $6.49)—Keitha Hart


Taylor felt shock ripple through him and she clutched harder at the fabric of his jacket to keep him from pulling back. She wanted this man in ways she’d never wanted anyone else. Ways that startled her as her body reacted in an unfamiliar manner. She almost pulled back, frightened at the explosion of desire streaking through her, but determination overrode trepidation. For all the things she’d lost and the ones she’d never had, she deserved this. She pressed her tongue hard against his mouth, and whether from shock or desire he opened and she tasted him. Whiskey and coffee and mint combined to produce a heady flavor that tantalized her sense of taste. She sucked at his tongue, drawing him into her mouth in a kiss more sensuous than she’d ever permitted herself. Or ever wanted.
His hand gripped her upper arms tightly as if to push her away but she had a death grip on his lapels. She was so damned tired of being strait-laced and obedient. The past week had stripped away all the steel bands restricting her life, with today finishing the job. All that obedience had been for nothing. Now she wanted wild, a night that would help her blot out all the dark feelings rampaging through her.
With a groan the man pulled her closer. His own tongue responded to hers, sweeping into her mouth, leaving no inch of the dark wetness untouched. The slight roughness of it scraped across the sensitive tissues, calling each hidden nerve into play. His lips fused to hers, pressing down on them, devouring them, as his fingers dug into her shoulders.
They stood suspended in the darkness, sensations from the kiss rocketing through her body and drawing forth reactions from parts of her body long dormant. Her nipples began to tingle and she felt wetness seeping between her thighs. She would give anything to stay this way forever, balanced on a precipice.
He was the first to break away, looking down at her with glittering eyes. “I think you’ve had far too much to drink.”
Taylor was trying to find her breath but all the air seemed to have been sucked out of her lungs. The pulse that beat between her legs was echoing through her core. She knew about “getting hot” and “getting wet” but this was the first time a man had made her feel it. The drinks had nothing to do with what was happening to her. It was the man, a powerful jungle animal who called to the hidden wildness within her.
“This is my idea, not the whiskey.” She pulled in another breath and tried to drag his face down to hers again.
He tightened his hands on her shoulders, a strangled sound erupting from his throat. “I’m a stranger. You can’t just pick me up and take me to your room like this. Don’t you know things like that aren‘t safe?”
“I don’t think you’ll harm me,” she whispered. “I don’t know why but I trust you.”
And wasn’t that absurd, when she’d hardly trusted anyone all her life. Yet something in him gave her a sense of security, certainly unusual when locked in the darkness with a caged panther. “Please don’t pull away.” With slightly trembling fingers she shifted his tie out of the way and began to unbutton his shirt. She pressed her body against him, rubbing herself against the hard erection the layers of clothing between them couldn’t hide.
“This is insanity.” His voice was hard and edgy, his grip on her tightening almost to the point of pain. “There are things about me you don’t know.”
Taylor licked the bare skin of his chest that she’d exposed and slid her hands inside his shirt. The warmth of his body almost burned her. Beneath the hot male skin he was harder than steel, his muscles like ropes of steel. As her tongue found his soft chest and the tip of it danced over him, his breathing hitched.
She looked up at him, struggling to bring out words. “Are you a wanted criminal? Do you have a deadly disease? No? Then I don’t care about anything else.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I want this. I want you.”

Night Owl Romances Review

Where Danger Hides
Desire Holt (Author Website)
Review Date: 10/7/2007
ISBN: 9781419910630
Score: 4/5
Date Available:Out Now
Rating Scale
1 - Has major problems

2 - An ok Read

2.5 - Could have been done a bit differently

3 – A great Read
3.5 – An excellent Read

4 - A Page Turner

4.5– A book I would keep on my shelf

5 - Lifetime keeper!

Genre(s): Erotica
Just when you think life sucks, somehow it manages to get worse. Taylor Scott finds out her life is a lie. After a lifetime of allowing her grandparent’s dictate her life as they pleased, Taylor finds her father really hadn’t left her mother. Then she is practically kicked out of her father’s company when Taylor tries to contact him, so as an act of defiance and celebration she decides to get drunk. This goes pretty well, it gets even better when she meets a handsome stranger at the hotel bar and seduces him as a coup de grace. This is the high point of her life so far, because she later finds out that the handsome stranger she can’t keep her hands off is her father’s right hand man. Her father, Josiah Gaines, is killed in an accident on his way back from the airport, under suspicious circumstances and Noah Cantrell wants to find out who did it and why. In order to do that he has to convince the luscious vixen he imprudently slept with to help him do that. Together they investigate her father’s last few days, will they be able to find the culprits before they kill Taylor as well?With lots of action and explosive desire, Desiree weaves an exciting plot guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seats.
After a night of wild sex with a total stranger, Taylor Scott never expected to see the man again. What a shock when he walked into her office weeks later as the representative of the father she never knew she had, a man who'd left her his entire empire. With her father's killers still at large and vultures hovering to pick apart his massive corporation, Noah Cantrell soon becomes the only person she can trust. He's also the man who teaches her the pleasures of erotic love, demanding her body even as he sets barriers to any kind of personal relationship — because Noah has a dark secret he never shares, one that prevents him from ever opening himself up to anyone again except in bed.As the two follow a treacherous path through the world of corporate intrigue, a path that takes them from the corporate boardroom to the jungles of Mexico, with the sex growing hotter by the night, can Taylor find a way break through that wall he's built around himself?:

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