Friday, December 7, 2007

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Sorry I'm late with my goddess blog. I've had a busy day and it's not over yet. It's 2.09 pm on the west coast. Soon the sun will go down and night will fall and the stars will come out. I love the bright winter sky. Several years ago I visited Baffin Island and stayed in a small Inuit village. The aurora borealis danced across the sky night after night. It is a fabulous sight and it came with sound effects - it crackled.
Having opened with a sky report I'll press on with something else. I am doing all the wrong things when it comes to my writing. Beginners should stick to one genre! Stick to one genre to capture readers. And so on. Repeat that over and over. Meditate on it.
My mind refuses to work that way. Ideas pop into my head. First lines pop into my head. Locations pop into my head. And I want to play. My first book was a historical romance, A Very Difficult Man. Then my husband and I visited Llandrindod Wells in Wales and I saw a girl dressed in black sitting at a window table in a cafe. That triggered my second book, Isabelle's Diary and the sequel to that, Isabelle's Story will be released on December 27.
And then ... we visited Cornwall and I fell in love with the King Arthur stories and the magical atmosphere pervading the countryside. My time travel, Ring Around The Moon, came from that visit. I'll say more about my romantic suspense in a few weeks.
A first line popped into my head about a year ago. "You will, of course, accept my offer." I heard a man's voice. What could I do? I started to write a contemporary romance. Do other goddesses have bad habits they'd like to share? Do you stay with one genre? It's too late for me to change my bad habits.

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