Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Isabelle books

A short introduction to -
Isabelle's Story,
Llandrindod Wells, Wales. 1900

Isabelle Linden's parents insist she wed a suitable man. The man they have in mind, Isaac Witherspoon, a curate in a nearby parish is eager to marry. He lusts after nineteen year old Isabelle.
But she has a mind of her own and flaunts society's rules to meet secretly with Sir Harry Manderlin. The lovers vow to remain true to each other while Harry is on an extended business trip to America. He will speak to her father on his return and ask for her hand.
While he's away Isabelle discovers she is pregnant. Harry apparently ignores her letters pleading with him to marry her. Her father orders her out of the house. Abandoned, alone and penniless, she writes a farewell note to her mother and on a dark, rainy October morning makes her way into the hills above the town determined to end her life.
When I reached this point in writing the story my heart ached for my broken hearted heroine. I didn't want her to die. I had a problem. I couldn't skip lightly over her despair. It was too real.
Writers often find themselves up to their ears in problems they've created for their characters. I speak for myself. I dug Isabelle into a hole and had to get her out without destroying the thrust of the story. And there I must leave you to worry about Isabelle and her unborn babe. My book will be released on December 27.
Isabelle's Story, a historical romance is the sequel to Isabelle's Diary, a contemporary romance. Both stories are set in and around the old Welsh spa town, Llandrindod Wells, once famously known for its healing waters.
And now for another topic that concerns me. It's about our covers. I've been told that sexy covers sell books. But if my two Isabelle stories are not classed as "sexy" and the covers reflect the books I wonder how to catch a reader's attention? It's a puzzle because there is lovemaking in my books and might be classed "hot"although that term troubles me. When is sex hot and when is it not? If one of my goddess friends has an answer, please comment.

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