Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bees in trouble

Not only bees, Anita is in deep doo doo for not blogging yesterday. To-day looks clear so I am jumping in to redeem myself. I'm blogging about bees and wasps and other winged creatures who pop in and out of blossoms and fertilize our plants, bushes and trees.

According to Steve Buchmann, adjunct associate professor of entomology at the Univerity of Arizona in Tuscson, we should begin to worry about what is happening to the bee population in North America. He was in Toronto recently to deliver a lecture titled "The Forgotten Pollinators." He has written a book called, "Letters from the Hive" and here's a little quote. "the world would be a desolate place without our pollinating friends, devoid of flowers, flowering plants and many of our favourite foods."

I had never heard of Dr. Buckmann until I read the article in The Globe and Mail, but his concerns resonated with me. Our garden has no bees. No wasps either. A couple of years ago one of our flowering plants used to be full of bees buzzing away like crazy. There are none now. In past years as soon as I stepped outside the door into the garden a wasp would find me. I am allergic to wasp stings so I retreated and sprayed bare arms and legs with a repellent.

How does your garden grow? Have you bees making the rounds. I'd post a picture of a bee but I don't have one.


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