Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life with Lacey

It is an exciting week for me this week! Lots of wonderful events taking place. First off is the release of my first print story with Total E Bound Publishing. The Lust Bites anthology that contains Faithful Beginnings will release on Monday, July 7! Here is a look at the blurb from that story, the first in the Debtor's Daughters series.

Faithful Beginnings
By Lacey Thorn

Faith has spent her life since the age of nine playing the role of mother to her four younger sisters. Now as her twenty first birthday approaches she knows that all of that is about to change. Her father never wanted girls and when her mother died during the birth of yet another daughter, he made a vow. If he had to have daughters then he would use them to get what he wanted most…sons. So on their twenty first birthdays they are to be married off to the man of his choice, whether they like it or not.
But Faith has bigger dreams than spending her life living in the small town community that sees nothing wrong with her father’s dictates. So leaving her sisters behind, she heads down the road, for once more afraid to stay than to face the unknown.
When a thunderstorm sends her into the woods outside town looking for shelter she finds herself in the arms of Jake Daniels. She’s seen him in town a time or two but never really spoken with him. But Jake has been waiting to get her out from under her father’s eyes for years and he is determined to use this chance to show her just how good things could be between them. With a little faith, they can both have everything they want.

Then on Wednesday, July 9 there is the release of my fourth Island Guardian book with Ellora's Cave Publishing, titled Breathing Her Air! I'm super excited about this one! Here is a look at the blurb and an excerpt for it.

Breathing Her Air by Lacey Thorn

Book 4 in the Island Guardians Series.

Drew and Sorran Xandova have finally returned to their island home only to find that the one they have vowed to protect has been murdered. And Alea, the woman promised them, has taken off in pursuit of those responsible. When fate brings them together, they vow to seduce her before pursuing justice for their prince. Alea is more than they hoped for, the perfect mate and companion for the Xandova warriors. And her seduction? The greatest pleasure they have ever known.
Alea is swept away by the two men destined to be her mates. Her fears are relieved as her body comes alive with carnal pleasures she never imagined. Two men with her complete satisfaction their only goal. Good thing they appear to be over achievers.

Vulcan gave a cry from the air above, jerking Alea out of her thoughts. It was harsh and full of warning and she quickly searched the area for what Vulcan sensed. There was nothing…and then there was way too much. A man stepped out of the trees mere feet in front of her, followed quickly by another one. They were both well over seven feet tall, huge even compared to her cousins who stood seven feet even. They had shoulder length brown hair streaked on the sides with a deep silver that seemed to catch in the sun, and she would have said that they were identical until they looked up and clashed gazes with her. One had a piercing gaze that hooked her and wouldn’t let her go. She had never seen such a pure silver before. Except on the beak and talons of her best friend, Vulcan.
As a slow smile took place on his lips another caw filled the air. Alea was poised to run when the unthinkable happened and the bird that called none friend but her landed on the arm of one of the warriors in front of her.
“You must be Alea,” the one with the piercing gaze said and slowly headed toward her. “We’ve come a long way to find you.”
And then it hit her. These were the Xandova brothers, her chosen mates. These two men would claim her and mate with her and she would belong to them. As fear took over Alea was paralyzed, unable to move or breathe. The last thing she heard was a harsh gasp as the black cloud obscuring her vision overtook her and her knees gave way. The ones she had hoped wouldn’t show were here. And they had come for her.

Then on Saturday, July 12 I will be signing with several Ellora's Cave friends at Paperback's N' Things in Westland, Michigan. So if you are in the area please stop in and say hello! Here is the information on it!

July 12
Paperbacks N' Things
8044 North Wayne Road
Westland, MI 48185
Cindy Spencer Pape, Lacey Thorn, Kaenar Langford, and Isabelle Drake

I'll have some cover flats for Earth Moves, Bare Seduction, and Bare Devotion available for signing as well as some bookmarks and maybe a deck or two of the EC cards! I hope to see some of you there!

Wishing you a great week and hoping that everyone had a safe and happy fourth!

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced.

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