Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The older you get, the better it gets

I spent last week at the wonderful Romantic Times Booklover Convention, where I was blessed to meet many of my readers. Everyone had their favorites of the stories I;'ve writen, but so many, many of them said the one they loved the most was Teaching Molly. When I wrote the story, I thought of myself, at a crossroads in life in my forties, hardly knowing who I was and certainly having no idea what to do about the duture. And then a truly wonderful man came into my life, turned it upside down and amde it better than I ever hoped. So whoever said that love and romance are aonly fro the young has a lot to learn. In Teachning Molly, I tried to tell the story of a woman's sexual awakening, her self-realization, and the knowledge that "the older you are the better it gets"

Molly Gerard was facing her mid-forties divorced, unfulfilled and wondering if the things she read in her erotic romances could actually happen. To her. When she meets Nick Trajan, the first thing that comes to mind is wow! The second is the recognitions of the ten year difference in their ages, a difference. When she accepts an invitation to spend the night with him, she wonders how she’ll compare with his younger women, but the night is so erotically satisfying she tries to push the thought from her mind. Nick is immediately taken with this lush, mature woman whose appearance belies her inexperience. He wants more than just the one night with her, but Nick lives the D/s lifestyle to its fullest. When he introduces Molly to it, will she run? But Molly eagerly steps through the door he opens into this new environment. Her only problem is the fear that Nick will see her as a middle-aged woman and find her wanting. His problem is convincing her that age is not a factor in what he feels for her. That he wants to be her master forever.

In the soft light from the lamps he’d turned on, she got a much better look than she had at the Emersons. Now she could see the amazing silver color of his eyes, the thick, sooty lashes that framed them and the hint of mystery reflected in them. The slightly rough planes of his face and the thin white scar that ran along the left edge of his jaw—just enough to keep him from being too handsome and diluting his potent sexual appeal.
In his black cotton V-neck sweater and black jeans he looked like a sensual devil come to draw her into the unknown. She barely controlled the shiver that skittered along her spine.
He leaned gracefully into the corner of the couch, one arm along the back. “So, Molly Gerard, I’m curious as to why you think Daffy Dina has you on her ‘pity’ list.”
Molly dropped her eyes to the drink she was holding. “A story too sad to bore you with. And far too embarrassing.”
“I don’t think so.” His voice was pitched low and seductive. “Nothing about you could be boring. And you never have to be embarrassed in front of me. Ever.“ He took a sip of his drink. “So tell me, Molly, what’s the problem? You mentioned no husband. Widowed or divorced?”
She sighed and swallowed some of the brandy, hoping the burning liquor traveling down her throat would give her courage. For whatever. She let out a slow breath. “Divorced. Publicly and humiliatingly.” Her short laugh held no humor. “Traded in for a buxom blonde half my age. The most effective way to point out my glaring shortcomings as a wife, I guess.”
She’d hardly noticed that he’d moved closer to her in tiny increments, until his hand reached out and gently twisted one of her gold-streaked curls around an index finger.
“Age is relative, Molly. There are women in their twenties who I wouldn’t take to a dog show and women in their forties that I’d give my left nut to drag into the bedroom.”
Her laugh sounded false even to herself. “Pardon me for being crass but looking at you I’m sure you don’t need to resort to old ladies to fill your time.”
“You’re right.” He had inched even closer. “I don’t have to resort to anything. When I see a beautiful, sexy woman, I don’t ask for her birth certificate. Age isn’t what counts. Do you know the minute I saw you, I got so hard I wasn’t sure I could walk?”
Molly felt her face heat; she was sure she was blushing. Craig had never spoken so blatantly to her. Maybe that was the problem.
“I’m forty-five years old, Nick. I’m a refugee from a bad marriage and I think any high school teen knows more about sex than I do.”
“Is that so?” He was close enough now to take her glass from nerveless fingers and set it on the table next to his. “What a blessing. That just means I don’t have to worry about measuring up to anyone else’s performance.”

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lastnerve said...

Looks like an awesome book! I've heard a lot about it! Great job!

Melanie Atkins said...

Sounds great, Judith! Congrats. I'm so glad you had fun at RT. I'm hoping to go next year.

Julia Barrett said...

Oh, wow. What an excerpt. Very, very nice...

Anny Cook said...

Yep, it was hot!

Desiree Holt said...

Ladies, thank you all. this was a book of my heart so your words mean more to me than I can tell you.

Allie said...

Another amazing read, Desiree! It seems like you just keep getting better and hotter with each new book.
Can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

Marianne Stephens said...

Yes...let's hear it for never being too old to enjoy love and life! Nice blog and great story informtion.