Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's your guilty re-read?

I've been on a cleaning streak lately, trying to declutter. One of my projects is going through all my book shelves and trying to free up space. (This is where the virtues of an electronic reader are very pronounced).

As I roamed through my piles of books (most of them romances), I realized how much I've loved re-reading them.

Here's my list of guilty rereads:)

Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey

(I gotta post the classic Fabio cover with the girl who would barely keep her assets covered. But she looked like she was having fun:)

This is the classic hero and heroine bickering even when they shout that they love each other. Throw in a girl pretending to be a boy, a rogue hunk of an ex-pirate captain and you get an awesome story! I have all the Malory books, but this one is my fave (Tender Rebel being a close second)

Beyond Eden by Catherine Coulter

I've looooved early Coulter - the medieval's especially, but this contemporary story I can read again and again. I think because it has all the classic things I consider perfect for a romance novel - a heroine who must "find" herself", a tough yet sensitive hero who has this innate ability to understand the heroine, danger and suspense, exceptional emotional story.. Love that book!

In Death Series - specifically Glory in Death by JD Robb

This one with the original silver "foil" cover. I love all the In Death series, but Glory is still my favorite. This is where both Eve and Roarke break down to admit they can't be without each other and that scene where Eve is "wearing the damned thing" - meaning her thumb sized diamond - is priceless.

Son of the Morning - by Linda Howard.

I absolutely adore Linda Howard, but that novel is my favorite of hers. Combining time travel, history, magic and an intense love story along with mysticism and some amazing love scenes, this book grips me every time I read it.

Three Muscheteers (the Russian Version) By Alexandre Dumas.

Whoever translated this was a genious. I re-read this book nearly every year - and have done so as long as I can remember. I LOVE that book. I tried to read it in French - maybe it was my fifth grade reading level - but it just wasn't the same. (plus the French version was about half the size in both height and width, so that has to say something.)

What's your guilty re-read?


Julia Barrett said...

After the Night, by Linda Howard. I read it every few months. Also Kill and Tell - a couple times a year. I've been thinking of rereading Son of the Morning - the first book I ever read of hers. It's odd how that book worked because it didn't exactly go together - it was like two stories in one - but the characters were amazing! I make a point to read Dune, Shogun, Jane Eyre and Little Women once a year. I read a lot, but those four books may be my all time favorites.

Fran Lee's Romance Blog said...

Kresley Cole's Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night. Love her books! Hot! I have re-read this one five times. I also have created a wonderful library of e-books from Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and about 250 others. I went online and downloaded them, then cleaned them up to the original editing (the online text copies suck!) and adding the original illustrations garnered from hundreds of websites. I also did that with Three Musketeers, and added all the fabulous illustrations! If you want a copy, let me know! :)

Jean Hart Stewart said...

Anything by Mary Balogh. Anything at all! P and P of course. Flowers in the Storm by Laura KInsale...Lots of others, but that's a start....Love so many books it's hard to pick.

Anny Cook said...

I have certain series that I re-read every year. All of Louis L'Amour (50+), Georgette Heyer (50+), the Travis Magees by John D. MacDonald, every Alistair MacLean that I own, Dorthy L. Sayers, J.A.Jance, Linda Howard, The Windflower by Laura London, Birthright by Nora Roberts, any Jayne Ann Krentz... all the Mercedes Lackeys, the Freedom series by A. McCaffrey, the Redwall books by Brian Jacques... Tony Hillermans...sigh. I have ten big bookcases of books, double booked, and I read almost all of them every year. Just started on the Georgetter Heyers again.

Marianne Stephens said...

Guess I'm guilty of not rereading y books. I keep favorites...but I've just never gotten around to rereading them. I always seem to grab something new!

Madison Blake said...

A lot! To name a few,

Judith McNaught - Something Wonderful, Once and Always, Almost Heaven, Paradise

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - This Heart of Mine

Julia Quinn - The Duke and I, Romancing Mister Bridgerton

I used to reread Little Women too, but I left my copy at my old home. I think I'll go get a new one.

Fiona Jayde said...

Its so awesome how many of us have read (and reread) the same books!

Julia - I love After the Night and Kill and Tell. I totally know what you mean about Son Of the Morning :)

Fran - WOW!!! I'm totally impressed! Heck yeah I'd love a copy of Three Musketeers!

Hi Jean - I've read a few by Mary Blolog but can't remember which.. I may have to revisit :)

Anny - thats an amazing list! I'm jealous of your ten book cases - my books are crammed three level deep whereever I can find space to cram em :)

LOL Marianne - there's always something new and exciting to grab. I love how many choices and sub genres are available these days - something for every taste.

Hey Madison - LOL I 've read every Judith McNaught book you've mentioned. I have a hard time getting "settled" into them, but its worth it every time:) Have you read Perfect? Thats one of my faves of hers :)