Thursday, June 25, 2009

COMING SOON: At Long Last, Love by Madison Blake

This book was originally entitled "My Heart's Desire", pertaining to the hero, Tyler Morrison, being the heroine's heart's desire. Anyway, the new title is pretty descriptive as well, which you'll realize once you've read the book.

I believe it's the most romantic book I've ever written. Actually, the idea for the story came to me when I was toying with one of the Arthurian legends in my mind. Then, the characters and the story formed soon thereafter.

Sorry to disappoint fans of King Arthur and the knights of the round table, because At Long Last, Love is set in modern times, albeit with a hint of magic, and with only the barest reference (and a little twisted at that) to one of the Arthurian legends. As I write this blog though, I was excited by a thought: Would the readers know which Arthurian legend I had in mind?

So, a contest! Well, two actually, coz I'm feeling generous.

First contest: For everyone

Join my newsletter ( and you're automatically entered in the drawing for one free download of At Long Last, Love in whatever format you desire. If you're already a member, then you are already in the running.

Easy, right?

Second contest: For those who've bought (no pirates allowed!) and read the book

Answer this question: Which Arthurian legend inspired this story?

Email your answer to . Sorry, I won't be offering any more hints, so don't email asking me for hints or asking if your answer is correct.

Anyone who emails me and has the correct answer will be entered into a drawing for a free download of any book in my backlist (coz you already own [through legal means] a copy of At Long Last, Love and have read it, so I don't think you'd want another copy) in whatever format you desire.


1. Even if you're in the running for the first contest, you are still eligible to enter the second one.
2. If no one gets the correct answer for the second contest, I may pick one whose answer is the nearest. If none, then I may just have a random drawing from all those who have emailed me an answer.
3. Whatever happens, there will be *two* winners. So, even if you entered the two contests, you are eligible to win only one. Fair, right? But entering both contests gives you one chance more to win!

Contest ends on July 31, 2009. Winners will be announced on my blog on August 3, 2009. Coincidentally, that's my dad's birthday!

Good Luck!

At Long Last, Love will be available at Ellora's Cave or at the new site, Jasmine Jade.

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Amber Skyze said...

Great contest, Madison and the book looks yummy too!