Sunday, June 28, 2009

Romance Writers for Change-Please Read

Is there anyone who is e-puiblished who isn;t aware of the struggle to gain recongition and legitimacy with RWA? To have a level playing field with the older established print only puiblishers? Today I'm going to tell you about a very large group of authors who have formed together to effect change that will, hopefully, correct some of the inequities. The group is called Romance Writers for Change and is open to any author, published or not. Over the opast several days a great deal of hard work has been done to craft a mission statement and a ressolution to present at the Annual General Meeting in RWA Nationals. There are several authors who have stepped up to run for office. Several people will be carrying proxies to the meeting with them. Here's what's been produced so far:
1. Name - Romance Writers for Change
2. Mission Statement
Romance Writers for Change was formed to help educate and create awareness about digital publishing for all RWA members. We fully support and believe in the RWA organization, and hope to partner with it in a positive, constructive way. To that end, Romance Writers for Change members support the following statements:
RWA members should be offered educational opportunities regarding all aspects of digital publishing and rights exploration/protection.
The creation of a new Digital Liaison seat on the RWA Board of Directors is in the best interest of all RWA members.
RWA’s Publisher Standards should incorporate publisher criteria that recognize digital and small press publishing as legitimate and valid models.
RWA’s Published Author standards should be revised according to a set of criteria that recognizes the specific digital publishing business model.
All romance publications published by a royalty-paying, non-vanity/non-subsidy publisher should be eligible for the RITA, provided the submission meets minimum industry-standardized format requirements. Format requirements should be based on neutral criteria that endorse readability and ease of judging, and should not be based on the method of production or distribution.


Resolution # _______________________

WHEREAS, the purpose of Romance Writers of America, Incorporated, is to advance the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy,

WHEREAS, the current Bylaws and Policy and Procedures Manual of RWA® do not advance the professional interests of all career-focused romance writers, it is

RESOLVED, that the RWA® shall recognize that romance writers can be career-focused if they have (1) contracted with a publisher that pays an advance, or (2) contracted with a legitimate small press or electronic publisher that pays consistent and accurate royalties at a designated rate as defined by contract.

In accord with this, it is FURTHER

RESOLVED, that RWA® should amend its Bylaws and its Policies and Procedures. As soon as practicable, RWA should (1) provide official recognition to legitimate small press and electronic publishers who publish romance; (2) allow all e-published romance works to be entered into the RITA® under clear, accessible rules; and (3) reevaluate the standards for determining whether an author is published.

Dated this ____ day of ______________________.


A True Record Attest:


By _________________________________________

Romance Writers of America Incorporated

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Submitted by: _________________________________________________________

Approved as to Form by: _________________________________________________

Passed on _____________________________________________________________

The group can be found at

There is a high volume of email so you may want to join and specify Digest or Special Notice, but that still gives you the opportunity to read through the emails and the information in the files section. This is our best shot yet to create equality fioer epublishers and small presses, so I urge you to take a moment and check us out.

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jean hart stewart said...

Gonna go there and sign up. Don't need anything else to do but want to support this group. I've just let my RWA membership lapse and will miss my local chapter. Or rather some in my local, not all.