Saturday, November 7, 2009

up a tree

My mind is so full of promoting and writing my latest book, Quest for Magic, I can think of little else. In the midst of all this I've been plagued for almost a month by the tune Deep Purple. Isn't that weird? Is the term for this musical fuzz? Anyway every word came back to me from some far corner of my brain and I can't get the damn thing out of my head. A month is a long time for one tune, even for me, and I'm constantly the servant of one tune or another. This is driving me bonkers. Some new tune will replace it soon, at least I hope so, but I've often got some melody lingering past the time I want to get rid of it.

And I'm trying to turn my last book into erotica. I must say it's fun. Deeply sensual is easy for me, but erotic is harder. To make it more difficult, the time of this book is 1921 and some erotica buzz words weren't used then, so I have to be careful. Some of my fellow authors at Jasmine Jade have been extremely, helpful. Way beyond the call of duty.
I find writing buddies are uniformly wonderful. Here's an excerpt from my WIP.

Exulting, he again lowered his lips to hers and let some of his ardor free. Opening his mouth, he licked and teased her lips until she opened hers. Still being careful, he tentatively advanced his tongue into her warm crevasses, and when she didn’t try to stop him he loosed more of his passion and caressed every nook of her sweet mouth. To his delight, she seemed to be learning and liking this kind of kissing. She quickly turned enthusiastic. She sent her own tongue mingling with his.
She sighed his name, but it came out as a plea, not a reproach.
Knowing his control was slipping, Jono turned his mouth to her breasts.
Looking into her expectant and ardent eyes, he began to undress her. She made no protest, although her whole body blushed. Like a ripe peach about to be plucked for his pleasure. Keeping his eye on her reactions, he set to the most pleasurable task of his life. With delight, he saw she wore nothing but a slip and her panties. Her firm breasts showed plainly erect and he lowered the straps to her slip and before she could say anything transferred his mouth to the peaks.
She moaned and tried to twist away, but he held her firm and caressed every inch of her breasts and then moved his mouth to her flat stomach. When he and kissed licked her belly button she caught her breath with a little shriek. He attacked her thighs and moved his busy mouth to the insides, spreading her with his legs as he kissed her along the upper skin of hers, growing ever closer to his heart’s desire.
She watched him through her gold tipped lashes, as he strove for more self-control than he’d ever exerted with any woman. He wanted her so ready for him she’d explode along with him.

There you are, guys. I find writing erotica is downright fun. Hope you enjoyed reading it.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading it? Oh, yeeaahh! I need a cold shower.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks Patsy....I need bolstering on this new venture....