Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ya gotta rewrite!!!!

Ya gotta rewrite. I've just fully faced that fact, to the point I was ready to throw out my computer. I can't say it any better than Ed McBain does. "The only true creative aspect of novel writing is the first draft. That's when it's coming straight from your head and your heart, a direct tapping into your unconcious. The rest is donkey work. It is, however, donkey work that must be must rewrite."

I just finished the most serious rewriting I've ever done. Can't tell you how hard it was. For the first time my wonderful editor took objection to almost everything in the book. Mostly concerning the plot line, which made perfect sense to me and was completely illogical to her. After the inital shock of her unxpected reaction I buckled down. A trifle indignantly at first, I must admit, but gradually realizing she was right. As usual. Let me tell you I've never labored so at fixing a ms. It's done now and accepted and it's the thirteenth book I've written to be published. Any symbolism in the thirteen? Don't wanna even think about that.

This the first Quest book and it's about the twins Jason and Jono. Jason sets off for Ireland to find himself as a separate entity, and Jono is too shocked to gracefully accept Jason's decision. Quest for Love will come out in May.
The cover shows when Jason goes outside to sleep by a campfire, afraid he'll try to seduce Aislinn if he stays in the cabin. She follows him, and guess what happens!

Quest for Magic (about Jono) is finished and I'm moving on to the next member of my Mage series, Songs of the Mages. It will be called Victoria's Vision and tells about the youngest child in the Earl of Sinclair's family.

Always something to do, although I certainly prefer the writing to the editing. Whoosh, I hope that's the worse rewrite I have to ever do.


Marianne Stephens said...

Edits and rewrites are part of our lives as authors. And, our editors always seem to be right!
I'm glad you got everything done and am happy!
13 books? Great writing job and more to come!

artlover said...

I'm late, Marianne, but thanks for commenting. Actually I've got one more under my belt. RedRosePress is publishing a straight historical romance I'm excited about.