Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am outta here for the week!

I am at my timeshare in Snowbird Utah today!

I absolutely love the mountains this time of year, and I have been lucky enough to have semi-inherited a fabulous two-level luxury condo suite at one of the most stunning winter and summer resorts in the USA...Snowbird.

This is one of the oldest time share setups in the USA (or so I am told). Iron Blosam Lodge was built in 1976-78 and the various units were sold before the building was halfway finished. Later, the Snowbird Corp built several other lodges and centers at Snowbird, and attempted to buy out the owners of the Iron Blosam, but the nice man who built the lodge put it in his will that when he died, the land and the buildings were to be ceded in perpetuity to the owners of the condos...unless the owners sold their timeshares to the Corporation.

My sister and BIL bought in when the first offer came out, and I bless them every year for being so wise! When my sister asked me if I wanted to buy it from them, I jumped. They let me purchase it from them for the amount they paid for it back in the mid seventies.

This is my week to rest, relax, and enjoy. I am within 20 miles of my home, so if I run out of stuff or need to do laundry, I can take an hour and make the trip back down and back up. Sooo handy! I did bring up my laptop, but only to keep me writing instead of totally vegging.

It's a wonderful restful getaway.

Do you have a special getaway place you love most? A place where you can recharge your batteries and kick back? Tell me about it.

Fran Lee

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Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

FRAN, Love your pix, gal!
A place where I like to go to R&R?
My back patio. Overlooks the Hill Country and if I can keep my flowers watered against the cruel Texas sun, I get color and fragrance and inspiration from the way they sway in the gentle breezes.
But having just come back home to SW TEXAS from a week in NY and almost 2 in Seattle (where it rained like the devil most days), I am thrilled to be home, working and writing again!
Drinking coffee on my patio in the morning. And cooking dinner with my hubbie (home from upper NY with the 10th Mountain Division) at night!
Happy home! My best R&R!!!