Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wonderful Things

Lots of wonderful things happened to me at Romantic Times in Columbus, OH. First, and in my opinion always the most fun, is making new friends and hooking up with old ones I met at my first RT in Pittsburgh, PA. I can’t tell you how very much I enjoy the mix of authors—both aspiring and published—readers who recognize my name and books and people attending other conferences at the same hotel.

I’ll always cherish seeing my newest romance’s cover art on the really, Really, REALLY big screens at Ellora’s Cave first night party. I don’t have a release date yet, but that cover started my conference with a big O—and I don’t mean tires.

“Courting Kel” will debut soon, hopefully in time to make your summer sizzle.

At the e-book fair a fan stopped to tell me her favorite book of mine is still the first erotic romance I wrote and the first book I ever sold. “Passion’s Four Towers” allowed me to enter the world of “published author” and I’m still floating on those “I made it!” mists.

The print book fair taught me a lesson in graciousness. Heather Brewer, mistress of “The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod” series sold out within the first hour. But Heather stayed—signing books her minions had brought from home and somehow squeezing her autograph onto antenna balls she’d brought as giveaways—thanks to EC author Paris Brandon loaning Heather a metallic pen. And Heather invited young fans and old to have their pictures taken with her. Her “minions” always thanked her and went away with smiles so wide they made my jaws ache with happiness—for them and for Heather. And I silently thanked the parents for teaching their kids good manners—never mind encouraging them to read!

And when sister-signer Allesia Brio mentioned she’d signed her first “brought by a fan from home” book, I realized that same special moment had happened to me. Oh, wow! Wish I had a picture of that for my memory book and to send to the fan. In all honesty I hadn’t noticed. I’d signed, stickered and given it back before I realized I still had the same number of books for sale I’d had moments earlier. Thank you, dear fan, whoever you are!

And while I can’t claim being the only person queried, who wouldn’t feel flattered when Kathryn Falk asked which of two potential sites for 2012 I preferred?

For those of you who’ve heard that RT is just one big party… Yes, it is. There’s always something going on—from dinner and dancing to ice cream socials and high teas, to editor/agent appointments and some of the most professional and informative workshops I’ve ever attended.

For those who might be analyzing the cost/benefit of attending RWA in 2011 New York, I recommend you also look at RT. It will be held April 6-10 in Los Angles, CA so you won’t melt when you go outside. For westerners, your travel expenses might be less. The conference site is at the Westin Bonaventure which figured prominently in the suspenseful end of “In the Line of Fire.” And as always—at least in my experience—you’ll get every benefit of other conferences and have lots of fun, too!

And don’t forget those breath stealing, sexy Cavemen and other Mr. Romance contender hunks! That alone may be worth the price of admission.

Have a wonderful day.



Anny Cook said...

Wow! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I'm definitely going to try and make it next year. Thanks for the peek inside!

Dee Brice said...

Anny, Virna,
Thanks for leaving comments. It was a wonderful conference. Looking forward to RomantiCon in October--the mostest fun of all the conferences!