Friday, November 19, 2010

Giving Thanks

“More like a transcript of a skinamax flik than a novel,” a reader posted about Courting Kel. Which may make you wonder why I’m thankful for the remark. Because…sales had been more than a little slow, but since then have soared until they almost match those of my first erotic romance Passion’s Four Towers. So I’m thankful for the snarky remark and the readers who bought the book in spite of—or maybe because of it. I’m equally thankful for Ashira Datya’s Happy Ever After review, which earned 4 ½ Tea Cups.

What else am I thankful for?

That my darling husband was in the hospital when he suffered congestive heart failure. He was exactly where he needed to be and got immediate, life-saving care. I’m also thankful that he doesn’t remember anything about being intubated for two whole days while his lungs were cleared of pneumonia and he could breathe on his own. I’m especially thankful to the nurses who treated him with patience, allowing him to maintain his dignity during his week-long stay. And the doctors were great, as well, explaining things to my husband—who didn’t retain much of what they said. And to me—who doesn’t remember the specifics, but does remember feeling reassured about his recovery. And for friends who made sure work schedules were met and items were delivered on time. And for those who offered to do whatever they could to help me get through it all.

And now that he’s home, I’m ever thankful for his occasional irritability that he isn’t yet back to full strength!

May this holiday and every day bless you with all the people who make you thankful!

Dee Brice
Erotic Fantasies Where Nothing is Forbidden


Amber Skyze said...

All wonderful things to be thankful for. Hope your hubby is fully recovered soon.

Dee Brice said...

Thanks! He's doing much better!