Friday, October 10, 2008

Food for the soul

Not "soul food." I'm thinking of a meal that you remember vividly because of where you were and how it tasted. I remember two in particular. On our first visit to Glastonbuy the magnificent ruins were wide open to the public to wander through. But when the so-called New Age folks moved in with their tents and caravans the powers-that-be decided to protect the ruins by surrounding it with fencing and charging a fee to get in. Very sensible. Glastonbuy is a very special place with a special feel to it.

On our first visit the weather was cold and rainy with lowering gray clouds. My rain resistant clothing didn't keep the damp out. Bill was chilled as well. We wandered up the main street and found a Tea Shop, its windows steamed up. We went in to the blessed warmth and found a table. We had tea and raisin stuffed warm bread pudding served with cream. I will forever remember the taste of the bread pudding never to be replicated. I close my eyes and step into the shop and breathe in the life giving scent of bread pudding washing it down with cups of tea.

Next memory. I was on a hiking trip with the Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies. We were hiking high, not mountain climbing, nothing that difficult. We were below the tree line. A drift of rain showers spattered through the trees. As it was time to eat our lunch we scattered to find dry spots. I chose to sit under a rock overhang on the side of the mountain out of the rain. I got my thermos of hot coffee and sandwiches from my backpack. Peacefully eating, I gazed into the trees and their dripping leaves. My clothes were warm. I was cozy. It was like being in another world. Almost an out of body experience.

I turn back the clock to relive those special moments when life handed me the bliss of savoring food to feed my soul.

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