Friday, October 24, 2008

A topic, a topic, my kingdom for a topic

A topic, a topic, etc. with apologies to Richard III who wanted a horse but in the modern version he wanted a vehicle and got a Jeep. It was a fabulous film. I also like the play. As with all Shakespeare's plays, there are memorable lines. "This is the winter of my discontent ..."

It is 2:39 out here on the Pacific Northwest coast. The weather has suddenly changes\d from balmy to very chilly. The ghosties and goblins will come knocking at our door on October 31, one week from to-day. I love seeing the little kids with their eyes wide and not sure what is going on but it looks good. I will carve my pumpkin on the week-end and light it with a long lasting candle. I hope the weather is okay.

And back to news of the day. My book, Isabelle's Diary, will be featured in the January RT ad sponsored by All Romance E-Books along with eleven other book covers. Then out of the blue, their marketing manager informed me that my book had been drawn in a random drawing for a review in RT. I was absolutely thrilled. Here's the cover of Isabelle's Diary and the cover of A Very Difficult Man which is scheduled for release in print next month. I love those covers. Now I must leave the goddesses and go to my personal blog. It's about dreams again!


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