Friday, October 17, 2008

Interview and other bits and pieces of this and that

Friday, and my turn to blog with the Goddesses. I have just been interviewed and photographed by three women studying communications at Royal Roads University here in Victoria. They are interviewing women and men, age fifty and over, to determine their living style, shopping patterns, etc. Fran Embry, one of the women, is a friend, that's how I was chosen.

I'm taking a class given by E.CSheedy. It's called Romancing the Villain. I am reminded again how important it is to take some time and review the various books on writing I have. I'll note some of them on my next blog. Self-editing for Writers. Scene and Structure. The Writer's Journey. I am downstairs and my library is not within easy reach. So Goddesses - what books on writing do you have? How often do you study them?
I blogged on my own blog, about breaking a dream. An idea I had never heard of until I lived in Wales. I did break a dream and am waiting the good luck that is supposed to follow. Will the print copy of A Very Difficult Man appear as scheduled October/November? I sure hope so. I have plans for a launch at The Fairmont Empress Hotel with a cocktail party.
Time for a cup of tea and a think about why I am stuck in the middle of a historical romance I'm writing. Those books on writing will help. So back to work.

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