Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloweens Coming

Halloween is coming, with its spooks and goblins and ghosts and things that go bump in the night. I think we all have special paranormal beings that fascinate us. For me its wolves and shapeshifters.
Shape shifting is the transformation (mentally or physically) of one's self into an animal. A 'theriomorph' is a shapeshifter; a being who can assume an animal as well as a human form.
Shapeshifting is a common theme in mythology and folk lore, as well as in science fiction and fantsy. In its broadest sense, it is a change in the physical form or shape of a person or animal. In modern fantasy, more than in folklore, the extent to which the change affects the mind can be important. The werewolf can observe, for example, observe that taking on wolf-form can simplify his thoughts.
There are two types of shapeshifting; changing your light body in the astral to power animal, and changing your physical form on the earth plane into an animal. Perhaps this is where the lycanthropy legend actually began. Very adept shamans are said to be able to change their physical human forms into that of animals.
Many early civilizations revered animals as the incarnation of gods; in ancient Egypt, for example, both the cobra and the cat were objects of worship. It is not surprising that stories of humans turning into beasts, has become deeply ingrained in the popular imagination. Often such metamorphoses are associated with fear and terror.
In central and eastern Europe, for example, a belief in the bloodsucking vampire that condemns its victims to a living death has persisted into the 20th century.
In West Africa until recently, members of a secret society called the Leopard Men believed that simply wearing the leopard's distinctive spotted skin would magically imbue them with that animal's fearsome strength.
Wolves are my greatest love, so the shifter stories I write are about people who shift into wolven form. Many authors today use shape shifting as a plot device, and I think it adds a mystical, magical element to the story.
So what’s your favorite-or secret-paranormal being? Leave me a comment, and you might win a copy of my shifter story, Line of Sight.

Here’s what Sensual Ecataromance had to say about Line of Sight:
Desiree Holt’s Line of Sight is a must read novel with a lot to offer. There is passion and intensity plus hot and steamy sex. From beginning to end, the fire that flares between them is combustible. As a reader I can not wait for the next novel from this gifted author. Line of Sight has only whetted my appetite for this brilliant writer.
Shapeshifter Alexa Morgan fled her home in the north when her relationship with a human ended in disaster and the clan alpha shunned her. Now living in Florida, against all her better judgment she finds herself in a hot relationship with Jesse Farrell, the cop next door. Despite her knowledge that the relationship is doomed, she cannot stay away from him. When Jesse, a gang task force member, is hurt one night on the job, Alexa begins to spend her nights tracking him, keeping him in her line of sight, determined to protect him. But she’s terrified of his reaction when he discovers her true nature. Will he accept her or bolt as her other lover did, leaving her destroyed once more?


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Love the shifters, too, Desiree! Great blog.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Love the shifters, too, Desiree! Great blog.

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh. This was packed with information. I love shifters best too but I have to admit vamps are interesting too. I'm so addicted to HBO's TRUEBLOOD.

KyAnn said...

you can't go wrong with growling, instinctive, blood thirsty, passionate, oh wait I'm getting myself hot thinking about shifters. Yep, I love them. I'm partial to werewolf, but were-dragons have become a recent obsession with me. :) Great blog post! And mucho success with your new book. You are such a talented lady. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Desiree Holt said...

Thanks for stopping by, y'all. Bringing the wolf to life right now! LOL!

Emma Sanders said...

You know, I've never really read a shape-shifter story. Parts of one as a judge and a few vampire ones but never a complete story. So...winning your story may be just what I need to open myself up to a new realm! :)) Sounds interesting!

Happy Halloween!

lisa said...

I love all of the things that go bump in the night!! My whole family has always loved this holliday. When I was growing up we had a school party at night and the princepal brought his old car so we could decorate it. The school would have costume voting on each class and everyone would win a prize. That was in the old days and no one had to worry about anyone trying to kill a kid, oh I wish some things would not change.

Pollyanna said...

I love shapeshifter stories. The hero is always so alpha and strong. Line of Sight sounds like its going to be a really good read. Congrats on the great review!