Monday, May 4, 2009

In Sorcery's Hold

This month's post was an easy one for me, but I still almost forgot to do it. I have a release coming up on the 13th. In Sorcery's Hold. It's a fantasy menage (m/m/f). See my gorgeous cover!
I absolutely love fantasy as a reader and writer. The magic, the quests, the swords, the magic, the sexy elves (sorry no elves in this story though). Some of my first favorite books were in this genre. As you can tell magic is one of my favorite aspects of the genre and I had to include it when I started writing it.

Let me introduce you to the characters on the cover. The dark-haired hunk is a vampire by the name of Damon. The blonde in the center with the fierce look, which suits her by the way, is Keira, a witch. And the redhead who gave me some trouble while writing the story is Rath, a dragon.

Here's an excerpt of Rath and Keira's first meeting

Keira strolled down the clean street, keeping watch for the little thief. She didn’t have much hope that Verite was here, but she might just get lucky. In truth, the girl was probably already on her way to the temple. When she did finally catch Verite, she intended to teach the greedy little witch a lesson about keeping her sticky little hands off of other people’s property.

She tried not to stare or gape. Everything was so different here. She’d seen dragons before, but until she’d gotten here, she’d never seen so many of them together. Although she hadn’t seen any in this city, she’d seen three of them in the air yesterday.

This entire area was different than she’d expected, much different than the Beserl region. If it wasn’t for the large wall circling the city, she’d never have guessed that they had problems here too. The people here seemed relaxed and cheerful.

A roar tore through the early morning air. Her heart slammed against her chest wall and then began racing. Fear surged through her. Her head jerked up and swung toward the east end of the city. A lantern hanging on a pole at the edge of the cobbled street swung on its hook as the roar came again. She stood tensely, her hands hanging at her side as she tried to figure out what had made that noise.

In spite of the fact that this was a protected city, her first thought was that merdanons were attacking the city. Then she really listened and knew that that wasn’t a merdanon howl. She’d heard enough of those huge fiends’ screams to know the difference. That echoing bellow belonged to a dragon in pain. Even as she wondered what had the dragon so upset, she began running toward the sound.

Cytari relations with dragons were far from cordial, but they were allies in the fight against the Dark Sorcerers and the merdanons. She’d take a dragon over a merdanon any day. Dragons had a tendency toward arrogance, but they were sentient, independent beings. Merdanons were the magical creations of Dark Sorcerers.

She dodged the men and women running away from the sound. Before she even reached the edge of the city, she saw the dragon’s black head swing up above the roof tops as well as the tips of his wings as they spread and folded. Another ear piercing bellow sounded just as she cleared the last of the buildings and passed through the gates of the wall surrounding the city.

Keira skidded to a stop. A huge black dragon stood in the grassy field beyond the last light gray, stone building. Her eyes ran over the beast’s glossy black-scaled body. Red stripes crossed its back and lined the top of its triangular head. She frowned as his tail whipped close to the thick defense wall. If that muscular tail hit it, the wall would probably collapse.

Why didn’t he just change form? Large dark scales glimmered in the sun as she slowly approached the dragon.

Rubbing her damp palms down her black pants, she considered ways to announce herself without getting herself bitten. Messing with a dragon in any kind of mood really wasn’t recommended. They were acquisitive and domineering and often considered wandering witches fair game.

Why was he just standing there? Then the beast turned toward the city. Its large head swung toward her.

She caught a glimpse of his rear flank. A silver trap clamped around its back hind leg. Blood trickled down the huge black limb. She could see gashes on the thick muscled leg where the skin had torn. That had probably happened when he’d ripped the trap free of its anchor. Obviously, it had been meant for something smaller and hadn’t been strong enough to hold him.

Ah Vellos! Her shoulders slumped. There was probably no-one else in the city who could help him with this. That trap was intricately spelled. It would take high magic to release it. She hadn’t seen any other dragon or even a vampire today. They’d have come to his aid if they were in the city.

Once she got it off of him, he’d be fine. He could change form and the wound would be healed during the transformation. The trap was too big for him to change while held by it. Those metal jaws would easily take off a man’s thigh.

She moved forward, making sure the dragon saw her approaching him. Dragon’s had a mouthful of teeth. Most of them were longer than carving knives. But she wasn’t worried about him taking a chunk out of her. There was even more reason to be wary of a dragon bite than those huge teeth. On top of the rows and rows of sharp teeth, a dragon injected venom every time he bit something.

“Hello, I’m called Keira. Since I don’t see anyone else around who can help you, I’m going to free you. Don’t bite me.” She held her hands out in front of her as she walked toward him.

His head lowered and she found herself looking straight down the huge muzzle into golden eyes. He inhaled and tilted his head before it rose away from her. A smile tilted her lips. Apparently, she’d passed inspection. She moved slowly toward his back leg. His head turned and his eyes followed her every move. She raised her hands, holding them just above the gleaming metal of the silver trap.

Taking a deep breath, she began slowly channeling power into the trap, reversing the spell. The metal creaked. The curved, sharp-edged teeth slowly began pulling out of his skin. When the metal maw had opened wide enough, the dragon stepped out of it. She let the metal jaws slam back together.

Turning her eyes to the dragon, she saw the skin on his leg shimmer. The wounds closed and disappeared. Gray and black mist swirled, rising around the huge beast towering over her. It enclosed the dragon forming a dense round cloud around him. The giant ball of swirling magic shrunk and tightened into an oval. With a last glittering pulse it disappeared.

A tall broad-shouldered man stood right in front of her. Even if she hadn’t just seen him change forms, she’d have known that this intimidating muscular male was a dragon.

His hair was the first thing that caught her attention. It would have given him away immediately. Short, deep red hair crowned his head, but on both sides of his head a stark black streak set him apart from normal men. Then there were his ears. Pointed ears weren’t exclusive to dragons, but the brilliant green gem dangling from his lobe did mark him as a dragon warrior.

He’d magically clothed himself as he transformed. A loose gold shirt covered that broad chest. She wouldn’t have minded getting a glimpse of it. Black pants molded to his strong thighs. Not that she would have minded seeing the man naked. From what she could tell by the way his clothes fit, he had a gorgeous muscular body.

He took a gliding step closer to her. His sun-burnished skin gleamed in the bright light. She could see the black slits of his pupils as his eyes ran over her body. A scar trailed from his left temple across his cheek. Apparently, she’d just given aid to a seasoned dragon.

“Thank you for helping me, Keira.” He grasped her hand, enclosing it between his large hands. “It’s been a while since I’ve even felt Cytari magic in this area. Witches from your sect usually stay in the north.” A frown turned gorgeous lips downward. “You’re not dressed in your sect’s uniform.”

She looked up at him. With the unknowns in this situation, she couldn’t trust anyone here. Especially not a too chummy dragon. “I’m here looking for something.

That part was true enough. She had to tell him something. Like most of the High Sorcerers, he was annoyingly alpha. She already had his attention just because she was a High Witch. Dragon’s, vampires and other High Sorcerers were always looking for a complementary mate. He certainly wouldn’t accept an “it’s none of your business.”

The last decades hadn’t been peaceful. All of those with the power to fight had had to make a stand against a growing number of Dark Sorcerers. Dragons, vampires, sorcerers and witches had all stepped forward to fight for their world. Most of the softness had been battered out of those who fought the Dark Sorcerers and their beasts.

“Something? What something?” He raised a red eyebrow in an arrogant query.

“How did you get caught in that? Even in dragon form, you should have been able to see something that big.” Keira put a hand on her hip. She didn’t have much hope for the distraction gambit, but it was worth a try.

“Thick, tall grass… Now try answering my question.” He leaned forward. The muscles along his jaw tightened

“An amulet. I have reason to believe that it’s in this region.” She smiled and shrugged. It really wasn’t his concern that that amulet had been last seen around the neck of a thieving Cytari witch. And there was no way she was going to tell him about the history behind that amulet. She didn’t need him following her around the region. Catching up to Verite was going to be difficult enough. “I have to go begin my search. Maybe I’ll see you again.”

“I’ll be in the area.” His lips curved into a smile revealing flashing white teeth. His eyes ran down her body and his interest was obvious.

She swallowed heavily. She really didn’t need this kind of complication.

Rath watched the witch lick her full pink lips. Those lips just invited kisses. Her magic had sizzled around his leg. It had felt so good as it washed over and around the trap. Even with the pain from the steel trap biting into his leg, his cock had hardened. Arousal still burned through him.

She was a pretty witch with long golden hair. Her skin was a very pale creamy white with only the slightest hint of gold. His eyes traced over the fine lines of her face. Gold brows arched over tilted brown eyes.

He wished Damon was in the area. The tingling burn of her magic had felt so right. The vampire would be able to tell if she was their mate just by the feel of her magic. Rath couldn’t do that. He’d have to taste the sorcery in her blood. He was fairly certain she wouldn’t volunteer for that. For now, he’d keep an eye on her and would wait for his bond partner to get to the city.

He wouldn’t wait to get close to the witch. By Grimlan, she was a sexy woman. He wanted to feel her tall, slender body moving against his. His mouth watered as he thought about tasting those nipples he could see pressing against the thin black material of her long sleeved shirt.


Anny Cook said...

Ohhhh, this sounds delightful! Yum. Dragons. Oh, yeah, I'm looking forward to this one.

Pretty cover, too!

Marianne Stephens said...

Interesting way for her to meet Rath, the dragon! Saving him definitely caught her well as curiosity.
Good luck with sales!

Fiona Jayde said...

Ow wow - sounds wonderful! And the cover is gorgeous! I love Keira's fierce look:)


Rebecca Airies said...

Thanks Fi! The cover department did a wonderful job on it.

Rebecca Airies said...

Thanks Marianne! Yes, he's definitely on her radar now.

Rebecca Airies said...

Thanks Anny! At the moment, I'm very fascinated with dragons.

Amber Skyze said...

Ooooh, can't wait for this to be released. And yes, the cover department did a great job. Love it!

Mia Watts said...

Fantastic name, Rath. You've a clear voice with excellent descriptions. Congratulations! I predict many sales.

Julia Barrett said...

Nice! Nice! Nice! Congrats!

Scarlet Pumpernickel said...

Loved the excerpt! Now I'll just have to buy the book! Didn't know dragons could be so sexy!


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