Monday, May 18, 2009


Since I'm new to the Goddesses, I'll introduce myself. I'm Dee Brice and I write for Ellora's Cave--a fact that still leaves me breathless.

In 2005 I ran into Lynn Lafleur at a writers' conference. She kindly insisted (lol) the presentation her publisher was doing. I won a Caveman Anthology and thoroughly enjoyed every story, especially Charlotte Boyett-Campo's The Windsday Club. I wondered if I could write something equally HOT and funny.

The result was my first erotic novel and my first ever sale. Five books later with a sixth hopefully available in the near future, I'm still happily writing away.


Amber Skyze said...

So happy to have you as part of the Goddesses! Welcome Dee!

Dee Brice said...

Thanks Amber!

Anny Cook said...

Hi, Dee! Glad you figured it out!

Dee Brice said...

Yeah, it took awhile but I finally did! Now…if I can remember just how for next month's post!!!!!