Friday, May 15, 2009

Taking Time

It's 1:30 pm out here on the west coast of Canada. Time to settle down and write something brilliant for the Goddess blog. Trouble is, I don't feel particularly brilliant and compared to yesterday's Goddess blog, I have no fascinating news to pass along. No new contracts. No new releases. However, I am not idle!

I am still posting a chapter a week of my romance novel, Dickens and Me, on my personal blog, I post a new chapter every Friday. Chapter Fifteen is in the works. I'll post it later to-day. The title has nothing to do with Dickens. I am emulating the great man by posting an episode once a week as he did early in his writing career to lure in readers. I'm not even on the same planet as the great man but am enjoying the trip. I am getting some hits.

I had a party at The Fairmont Empress Hotel on April 19, to launch the trade paperback edition of my historical romance, A Very Difficult Man. It was a lovely affair, unfortunately for me I was not well. Stomach upset. Could not eat one bite of the super goodies nor could I swallow a glass of Champagne. Finally, towards the end of the party I had to make a mad dash for the nearest washroom and ... was I ever sick!

This has nothing to do with the above or with writing but it struck me as very funny. In Britain the government (taxpayers)pay some of the expenses of the members of parliament who maintain two homes. One in London and the other, usually where their riding is located. One Tory (Conservative, sort of like United States Republican) billed the government $4000 (about 2000 English pounds)to have his moat cleaned. He must live in a castle!

That's it for this Goddess. Happy writing and reading. Until the next time, check out my web site, I am travelling to Toronto to visit my family on May 20 and will return on June 3.




Anny Cook said...

Heh. That sounds very American. Clean his moat, huh? If he's doing well enough to have a castle, he can afford to clean his own moat!

Amber Skyze said...

I second what Anny said! LOL