Monday, May 18, 2009

RT--A Somewhat Different Perspective

The grounds around the conference site were gorgeous and very tropical. Having attended another conference in Orlando in July, I can only say the weather was perfect.

True, the bedrooms were spread out over the entire property, which meant some fairly lengthy walks. For those of us (myself included) who consider "walk" a four-letter word, the resort provided golf carts and staff to get us from our rooms to the conference center and back.
Which, I suppose, led to the complaints about NOT being housed in a high-rise hotel.

Having attended many conferences in high-rise hotels, the complainers (in my opinion) had no idea what they were wishing for themselves and all the other attendees.

For example: A glass elevator stuffed to the sides with women trying to get to the same place at the same time when the elevator stuck some ten floors above the lobby. It remained stuck for over an hour while those folks in the lobby grinned and waved! (Expletives deleted!!!!)

At another conference, 2,500 attendees paraded from the ballroom to the dining room. Since they had to cross through the lobby area, other patrons couldn't get anywhere for nearly half an hour. And when dinner ended…2,500 women trooped to the elevators, again preventing lobby dwellers from moving or getting to their own rooms.

Believe me, I didn't mind the walks in Orlando!

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