Friday, December 4, 2009

Upcoming Release!

December crept up on me almost without me noticing it and I'm not even going to talk about how fast November seemed to fly by with me barely able to catch my breath. I've just realized that I have a release coming up in SEVEN short days and haven't even thought about promo. So I'm going to begin here.

First off, here's the very gorgeous cover to Vampire's Witch. The cover art department is fabulous. I previously posted an excerpt of the beginning here, so here's something a little hotter.


Serena Blackwood can’t believe it when she learns she’s becoming a vix. Finding that she has to work with sexy vampire Marcus Castillo to catch a rogue vampire only adds to her stress. She’s unbelievably attracted to the hunky man but knows staying near him will increase the chances of her jumping his bones—and Marcus discovering her secret.

Marcus knows the witch working with his team is hiding something. She’s beautiful and talented and he wants to know the mysteries she’s hiding almost as much as he needs to know the feel of her body moving against his.

But the rogue has plans of his own and unless Serena and marcus work together, they could lose everything.

(There might be differences between this version and the final edited version.) Set-up: Serena and Marcus are in a bar looking for the rogue vampire they're hunting.

They walked toward the back, even looking into the employee’s area. As they made their way around the dance floor, a young man dancing wildly crashed into her. She stumbled into Marcus. He caught her and whirled her away from the man. She gasped as she felt her feet leave the floor and a sense of moving fast. Just as she registered his body against hers and the wall at her back, it was gone. He stood in front of her, his back to her. His muscles tensed and he seemed ready for attack. She shook her head, smiling as she looked beyond him. The dancer hadn’t even noticed that he’d bumped her and was even now among the other dancers continuing his wild moves on the floor.

Slowly Marcus’ body relaxed. He turned to face her. Her smile slowly died. His brown eyes focused on her with undisguised hunger.

“Everything’s fine. There’s no danger here.” She put her hands up on his chest. She had no idea why he’d turned toward her. He was sure that there was no one attacking them. They should be continuing their stroll around the club, but she could tell that that was the last thing on his mind. There was no way that she could mistake the possessiveness and lust rolling off of him.

He didn’t say a word. Stepping forward, his hands flattened on the wall at her shoulders. She drew in a sharp breath. His head lowered and he inhaled.

“You smell so good.” His lips feathered across her cheek.

“You need to relax, calm down. Nothing happened,” she urged in a soft voice. She could practically see the energy changing into arousal. Somehow, she had to calm him down. Not to mention get his mind off of her in any sexual manner. She didn’t want him to see her as anything more than the witch helping them catch the rogue. She didn’t need any more trouble in her life right now.

His teeth closed over her lips. Her focus narrowed to the feel of his mouth on hers. She wanted that, ached for it. His tongue traced her lips. Her lips tingled. She opened her mouth, leaning into him. But it couldn’t happen, shouldn’t happen.

His tongue stroked into her mouth. His taste rushed into her mouth, minty and smooth. She groaned. So good. She pushed against his chest, trying to wedge some distance between them. She couldn’t resist tangling her tongue with his or savoring his taste. His chest brushed against her hardened nipples as he moved slightly from side to side. That light graze sent a thrill shooting through her. Her breasts felt swollen, too sensitive. His hand cupped the curve of one full mound.

“Marcus!” A deep voice broke through the haze surrounding her.

She blinked. Reality flooded in just as Marcus pulled back, turning toward the man who’d interrupted them. She didn’t know what had just happened, how the arousal had just exploded with that kiss. Nothing like that had ever happened before.


Amber Skyze said...

Love the cover and excerpt. Hot, hot, hot!

Amber Skyze said...
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Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Rebecca, I must say I have been looking at this cover...and looking at this cover and drooling on my keyboard. Guess it's the position of the hero. Dunno. Just grabs me. Some things just do that, ya know? I keep hankering for him. I could go on, ad infinitum. Love your writing and the excerpt. drooling again. got to read this book!!!!!!

artlover said...

I'm drooling too...Jean