Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My big news this month is that NETTLEFLOWER, our historical novel, is now available in a real hold-in-the-hand book! I haven't got my paws on a copy yet, though, as it's not yet available anywhere but from JJ> However, my local indie bookshop is trying to get copies for the launch in January (There are advantages to working in the local library!) but on the other hand the big chains have never heard of JJ and although interested, have to use their own suppliers.

It's very frustrating.

So here a question -- is there anyone out there (not writing erotica) who has had the same problems getting their books into stores?

And how do I get around it?


artlover said...

Wish somebody would comment. I know people besides me have asked for my books to be in stores, but nothing happens. I'd like some advice too. Jean

Marianne Stephens said...

Although I've seen some EC and CP books in B&N in the past, last week I didn't find any. The store isn't interested in having a booksigning for me (and two books I have in print). I'm not "big" enough for them to do this.
I get the feeling they might be weeding out our books from the shelves, although they're still available online.

Terri said...

What does this tell us? When I asked which distributors handled our books, I was given a bunch of names. None of them distribute in UK. I live in UK. But anyone in UK who wants one of my books has to go via CP and pay almost the same price in postage! Somehow I don't think I'll be selling many that way.
I have to say that the responses I've got from JJ staff have NOT been at all helpful.
Oh, and the postage costs for my 'free' authors copies to be sent to UK was four times the postage for US! Luckily I have a friend in US who can take delivery for me.