Sunday, December 27, 2009

I've been busted!

LOL. This is the best story ever. I had a friend of mine get a hold of me the other day. He was watching an episode of one of those Cops reality shows on tv. There was a drive by shooting at a mobile home park in Florida. The bullet went through the wall and into a box of books in the closet. The cop on the show went in and took the top book out to show how the bullet went through. And it was a Lacey Thorn book! How awesome is that!!!!!????? I'm so excited to say that I made and episode of Cops! LOL

So here's a little something to tempt you to add me to your collection!

In The Bare
Lacey Thorn

Bare Love 6
Charlie has been told to take a few days off from the case that is driving him crazy. Reluctantly he heads out to a cabin in the woods offered to him by close friend and fellow detective Gil Daniels. A few beers, a hot shower and a sexual fantasy featuring his dream girl Detective Miranda Duncan. It would only be better if she were with him.
Miranda is determined to seduce Charlie Tate. So she follows him to a secluded cabin. When he answers in nothing but a towel the gloves come off. Before the weekend is over she will love every inch of him and convince him that they belong together.
Little does she know that he has the same plan. Let the seduction begin.

Into The Mist
Lacey Thorn

Sequel to White Valley
In the aftermath of her best friend’s death Nikki was looking for a reason for life when she took a long drive through the state park. A song in the air led her through the mist and into a valley to delight the senses. All of them...
Gunnar and Geran didn’t expect to find the naked beauty swimming in the bridal pool but they couldn’t leave her to face the affects of the water all alone. So they claimed her as mate and took pleasure in helping her reach hers. Again and again and again…until every inch of her knew their touch.

Both are now available at So go ahead... It's your world...unlaced.

Lacey Thorn


Unknown said...

Wow, how cool an episode of Cops! lol

Unknown said...

If only I could have recorded my Dad's voice when I called and said, "Hey I made Cops!" LOL

jean hart stewart said...

That's amazingly wonderful....Wow!!!!!