Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September Reflections

One thing I enjoy about living where I do (Michigan) is the change of seasons. Now, I’d be perfectly happy to make summer two months longer and winter two months shorter, but I do love the transitions—both spring and autumn. We’re just now getting the first cool days, and as much as I love my summer uniform of shorts and flip-flops, I’m actually excited to be getting out a couple pairs of jeans and those cute ballet flats I bought last spring and haven’t worn since.

Maybe it stems from having spent too long in the academic world, but I tend to think of fall, rather than spring, as a time for fresh starts and new adventures. That crisp chill in the air makes me want to go for long walks after the lazy heat of summer. I stock up on notebooks and pens right alongside my kids. (Being a writer is a great excuse for buying office supplies!)

So now I’m hoping that the change of seasons works its magic on my writing. The end of summer was a real slow patch for me, between vacations, viruses and having the kids overrun the house. Now that the routine is back in place, I’m hoping the crisp autumn breezes bring a new breath of inspiration. And maybe a swift kick in the pants.

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anny cook said...

I'll be here to nudge you along! Nudge, nudge, nudge...