Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's here! Stone and Earth

Available for download NOW from Ellora's Cave:

Gargoyle Damien St. Pierre has to find an ancient artifact needed by his people. When he meets Earth witch Katie Calhoun, he can’t keep his hands off of her. Because of the problems his people are having, Damien is afraid to attempt the conversion necessary to make her his mate. But Katie is determined to help him in his quest and to become the gargoyle of his dreams. Can her faith overcome his fear? Will the magic of love succeed in the mating of Stone and Earth?

Excerpt (PG):
“Well, do you think we can make it all the way off the roof this time?” They lay on their sides on the lounge, facing each other and fighting for breath.

“Umm-hmm. Assuming I can manage to stand.” Katie raised a hand to caress the rugged line of Damien’s jaw. “How about you?”

“If there’s any possibility of a snack down there, I think I can convince the muscles to work.” Damien toyed idly with the ends of Katie’s hair. His stomach rumbled loudly, punctuating his response.

“Well if gargoyles don’t mind grilled cheese or tomato soup, I think we can arrange that.”

“Sounds fine to me. And no, we don’t eat gravel or sand, or anything like that.” He stretched then clambered to his feet before reaching out a hand to help Katie off the lounge. They gathered her basket and his clothing then turned off the hot tub and the lights before descending the staircase.

Once they reached the kitchen, Katie drew her loose cotton robe out of her basket and slipped it over her head while Damien pulled on a pair of supple black leather pants. He set the matching heavy boots and bomber jacket aside while she turned to the refrigerator.

“Do you have a motorcycle?” The thought of him riding a big powerful bike was unexpectedly exciting. In the bright light of the kitchen he was even more handsome. He stood easily over six and a half feet tall, with thick-lashed gray eyes and silky straight black hair that fell loose to his shoulders. His face was a sculptor’s masterpiece, all sharp angles and long lines. The smooth planes of his chest and abs were positively mouthwatering and it took a great deal of effort to make herself look away.

“Oui.” Without another word he moved around the counter and almost automatically began to help her assemble the sandwiches. Their motions fell into an instant, easy harmony.

“Will you take me riding?” Katie finished slicing the homemade bread and began to coat the slices with butter.

“As soon as we get you a helmet.” He topped the slices of bread with thick slabs of cheddar and provolone.

His instinctive protectiveness made her smile. “Do gargoyles need helmets?”

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Georgie Lee said...

Great excerpt and I love your cover :-)