Thursday, August 7, 2008

Isabelle's San Francisco & Contest Winners

Of course RWA's annual conference had all the usual stuff - workshops, editors, agents, writers, pretty dresses and many, many free books. I did all the conference stuff, but made some time to check out things outside the hotel as well.

I walked through Chinatown with a friend -- it looks just like it does in movies. The sidewalks are Very Crowded and there are cars, bikes, and trucks jammed into nearly every possible space. Just as we were wondering if the shop keepers ever have trouble with people snatching stuff from the hundreds of baskets along the sidewalks, we saw a guy get dragged into one of the shops...hmmm...

I bought all my souvenirs in Chinatown including a bright, yellow, plastic mug which I think came from a convenience store because the logo read, "Enjoy convenience and the fun of life." Sounds good to me.

We had no trouble finding a place to go dancing. The Starlight Lounge was right down the street from our hotel. The gothic interior was a surprise and an interesting contrast to the hipstery Journey dance remixes. The view from the dance floor:

Yeah, I took that picture while I was dancing, but you get the idea.
Besides walking around and dancing until last call, we also ate clam chowder by the pier, window shopped, and sat in the park waiting for the fog to clear so we could see the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog never did go away, but it was fun waiting. Pretty much everything we did was fun.

HARD FALL was released last week, and I have the winners of my release contest. The five cover magnet winners are:

And the ebook winner is:

Winners should have rec'd an email from me, but if you see your name here and haven't, send me a note

If you didn't win - but love the cover - I have some cover postcards and I'd be happy to send you one. Just send me your snail mail addy

Thanks to those who entered - watch for my COWBOY FOR HIRE release contest in September.

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